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4 Reasons No One Is Sharing, Retweeting, Or Commenting On Your Blog

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Even with quality content, building and expanding your audience can be a challenge. Social media sites and forums can help you expand the audience but only if they're used correctly. Make sure you're creating posts that entice new readers and encourage sharing among your current audience. Make sure you aren't making these four mistakes that prevent your content from getting your audience's attention.

You Don't Have a Call to Action

Earlier this year, I received a letting from my 9-5 job alerting the 3000+ employees for the corporation that our largest competitor was making plans to buy out a third-party service. This move would severely limit our business and impact each employees job. I was reasonably upset but I still ended up tossing the letter.

Why? Rather than using that $1000 dollars in postage to give employees a way to alter this arrangement, it simply stated the problem with no form of resolution. The CEO forgot to add a call to action which essentially made the letters fire kindling. Don't make this mistake with your blog.

Your content should have a purpose. Whether that purpose is to start a conversation or get reader's to take action, make sure the purpose is clear and succinct. Relay that message to your readers at the end of the article. Give your audience a specific way to take action or get involved.

Your Site is Unreadable

The Internet revolutionized the way the public finds information. Gone are the days of black and white blocks of text against a dirty white background. In fact, paragraph length online is often shorter than in print for better readability.

Short, concise sentences in a powerful paragraphs make content readable and shareable. Give in to your audience's tendency to skim content by providing subheadings that quickly sum up the key points. Quit trying to pack every space with content or graphics. Leave white space. Allowing readers to skim the article to determine whether the content is valuable enough to read will increase the amount of audience members getting your full message.

Your Content is Stale

While evergreen...

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