4 Steps To Proper Strata Maintenance

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Living in a strata means having to live with different types of owners and having to deal with an owners’ corporation or a strata manager. Living in a strata also means having a different way of dealing with your property or your area’s maintenance. As there are common spaces co-owned by the different owners, you are not the only sole party responsible in its safekeeping and cleanliness. It surely makes residential living more complicated.
So how do you properly maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your strata? Here are four steps to achieve this:
1. Know your responsibilities as well as the owners’ corporation’s.
The lot owners have their lots as their responsibility and the common areas of the strata are the responsibilities of the owners’ corporation. Everything found inside the lot or unit is to be maintained and repaired by the lot or unit owner. This includes internal walls, paint on the walls, fixtures, carpets, and tiles and light fittings that hang on the lot. Everything outside the lot space or unit is going needs to be cared for by the owners’ corporation. This includes external walls, doors, windows, ceiling, and balcony. It is important to check with your strata as to the boundaries set regarding these responsibilities so you’ll know who is accountable in caring for these.
2. Follow a maintenance schedule.
Depending on the type of maintenance required, you may need to check house equipment weekly, monthly or quarterly to ensure they are working in perfect condition. This may include checking of air vents, heating systems, ventilation systems, plumbing fixtures, chimneys, handrails, and balcony or patio drain. All of these need to be checked regularly to make sure that problems are fixed ahead of time, especially if expecting harsh weather climate.
3. Before raising...

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