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#4: What Are The Main Water Quality Concerns Associated With The Calleguas Watershed? Explain The Solutions That Have Been Proposed To Address The

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Calleguas Creek and all of its tributaries, which make up the Calleguas Watershed, supply Ventura county with more than a quarter of its drinking and irrigation water. However, Calleguas Creek has now been deemed one of California’s most seriously polluted watersheds. This ominous title is due to the extreme amounts of trash and pollutants in the system. Areas of Calleguas that were examined had as much as 50 pieces of trash in it, even though it takes only one piece of trash for the conditions to be unacceptable. Much of the trash and pollutants found in the watershed is from the agriculture and residential areas. Over 25% of the county is agriculture and another 20% is residential. All the ...view middle of the document...

One of the pesticides that play a role in contaminating the stream is the organophosphate chlorpyrifos. This particular pesticide is toxic to cladoceran Ceriodaphnia dubia (water flea). Among all of the pesticides and chemicals, various articles of trash was also found in Calleguas including plastic bags and cigarette butts.
In order to reduce the amount of pollution that enters the watershed, there has been a proposal for a pipeline extending from Oxnard to Simi Valley. The pipeline will transport treated wastewater and brine downstream to be used as recycled water for users, wetlands, and for the ocean. This is one of the more promising solutions to the pollution problem in the Calleguas Watershed. Building the pipeline would keep a large amount of the large pollutants from entering the watershed at all.
Efforts are currently being made to limit the amount of ammonia that
is released in the creek from the Simi Valley Water Quality Control Plant. Advanced treatment units have been installed at Simi Valley WQCP and improvements in the ammonia levels have already been seen. The units were installed in September 2004; ammonia levels decreased drastically after the installation.
Ventura Coast Keeper’s also plays an active role in monitoring and testing agriculture runoff that enters the Calleguas...

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