411 On How To Attract Women

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411 on how to attract women Girls have you ever heard the phrase "Your eyes are like two dazzling stars in the evening sky" or even better, "Baby, are you tired cause you have been running through my head all night". For those dud's who use similar pick up lines, there is still hope. Here is some extremely helpful inside information for attracting women. Remember the first approach is always the most consequential. Men don't be puzzled about what women want, after all this can become an obsession. The catastrophe is it can lower your self-esteem.Let's imagine the approach at a club. When a women arrives at the club do not attack her like a ...view middle of the document...

If she likes you she will smile, laugh at your distressed jokes and hesitate to look into your eyes. Men if there is no sign of this she is not playing hard to get, she is frankly not interested.Next do not overdo the insincere commendation, and even if a man is sincere a women may have a hard time believing it. After all you have known her for only five minutes. Honest and simple compliments will do, for example "You have a nice smile". "Are those 32 double D's!", will not get very far. Now have something interesting to say do not emerge to her as a drunken fool. Boys find your best characteristics and put them to work. Possibly your a good listener or a funny person, find something attractive which can make a girl lose her head. Passing gas or releasing a loud belch in which you spell your name, will make you lose your probability.Gentlemen if your wallet permits you to buy the lady a drink do not expect a supernatural occurrence. A simple "thank you" or a dance should be sufficient. Throwing a fit or yelling out rude remarks will not refund the five dollars you spent on the drink. Did your mothers not teach you to share? Last but certainly not least wait until there has been an interesting conversation before asking a lady out on a date.Even though the thought of a free meal might seem luring, not every women is flattered when asked out before names are exchanged. Smart boys who follow these tips will become successful. And remember it is not how much game you play buy how you play the game.

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