444 Liquors: Communication Through Web Page And News Advertisement

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Organization Description
The Singh Inc. is the owner of two liquor retail locations, one location in downtown Baltimore and another in Essex, Maryland. The first establishment was opened in November of 2004. Shortly after their success in one location they opened the second location called 444 Liquors. The mission of the establishment was to offer a wide variety of products at a competitive price and to conduct business of selling alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. The business was oriented in a way that the customers were always treated with respect. The employees would go to highest extend to satisfy a customer.
Communication Methods
Communication is a key factor in the growth of the company. The major sources of communication are Facebook, web page, and the local newspaper. They use these sources to list daily deals, pictures of events taken place in the bar, and recipes of bar drinks.
Document Analyzed
The documents of interest are a local newspaper ad and a web page of the establishment. The sole purpose of these documents is to advertise to customer and building a connection with them. Ultimately, communicating to potential customers that do not know about the facility and letting them know about the deals we have to offer.
Interview and Recommendation
The interview composed with the owner explained the tactics used to achieve success so quickly and the hardship dealt by the owner. The core strategy the owner of the company told repeatedly was marketing. Letting the people know how competitive the prices are of the establishment would eventually increase customers. Minor adjustments I would suggest are enforcing the rules developed in the handbook and becoming more organized with the paper work, the employee schedule, and the inventory storage.
I used The Business Writer’s Companion by Gerald J. Alred and the six sticky ideas from Made to Stick by Heath Brothers to conduct research for this project. Some sections used from the Writer’s Companion were typography to analysis the style and arrangement of type on a page. Since the company profoundly relies on visual another element used from Writer’s Companion is Page-Design elements for example, Captions, Icons, Color, White Space, and charts. Six elements used from Made to Stick to conduct research were Simple make the core message visible, Unexpected using a surprise element to capture the reader’s attention, Credibility having a creditable source, Concreteness making the idea clear for the audience, Emotion making the care for your idea, and using a Story makes the idea stick because the audience will remember a story rather facts. The interview tied how the stores are managed in a boarder sense. The main asset the interview gave knew who the target of audience was for the advertisement.
The interview was conducted with the owner, Mr. Singh; I had first sent an email to make an appointment at a mutual timing. The interview was...


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