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Analysis Of A Mc Donalds Fast Food Resturant

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This McDonalds has some similarities and some differences compared to the McDonalds located in Washington Heights. You can see everything inside the McDonalds because the windows are completely see through except for some of the posters covering parts of the window. The posters on the windows are promoting the McDonalds value menu and the other one say you can win a new Xbox one. There is another poster promoting their white chocolate mocha. The McDonalds is located on a street corner and does not have an awning that extends into the street. The awning does not hold the traditional colors. The awning or storefront consists of the colors brown, black, and white. The McDonalds name is written completely in white, while it lays on a background of brown and black stripes. The brown stripes are protruding while the black stripes are lying in the background. Under this sign is another sign that sticks out in front of the main entrance. This sign is very small but has the McDonalds logo, but uses the colors red, yellow, and brown.
The area is very busy and when I first look at the McDonalds there are four people standing outside. One is a Caucasian man in his 60’s and her is standing and scratching off a lotto ticket. He is wearing black leather driver cap, a black wool coat, semi dark blue jeans and rounded toes black shoes. His face was chubby, and he had a blonde colored mustache. One unique thing was that in his arm he was carrying a dark colored bag that said “American Liver Foundation. Your Liver Your Life.” A few steps away from him is Caucasian woman in her 50’s. She is wearing a long striped grey and black wool coat, blue slacks and black pointed shoes. She was slightly over weigh and was holding a white and red shopping bag from Targets. She had short but thick hair that was a mix of black and white.
On the other side of the restaurant there was a middle aged couple who was speaking a European language. The man was very tall around 6’4 and was wearing a bright red puff type coat. He was wearing light blue jeans and a white and blue pair of running sneakers. He had a short cut hair style and had brown hair. His wife was Caucasian and wore a red coat. She also had on blue jeans and black pointed toed boats. Around her neck she had a blue scarf and had pearl earrings. When you walk into the restaurant there is a claustrophobic atmosphere because of the amount of people in here. This Mcdonalds is not really big, but was bigger than the one I went to on 207th street. This atmosphere came from people walking around trying to find seating. It even took me a while to find a place to sit
The racial makeup of this place was mixed. I would say that the majority was white people, but there was a quite a few African Americans here. One new thing was that there were Asian people, but there was a very small amount. There was also a small amount of Hispanics here. Also the age of the people here was very diverse because you had small children here and...

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