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5 Affordable Food Ideas For Outdoor Corporate Parties

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How can you make your corporate party successful?

If you’re planning for a corporate event on a tight schedule and a fixed budget, the trick is to go casual with the preparation.

This means that you don’t have to plan the event on a grandiose five-star hotel. Be imaginative. Try bringing your party outdoor and choose a venue that your guests will enjoy. Perhaps, a party on the beach? Or a laid-back picnic in a farm?

By planning a casual outdoor party, you can prepare food that are tasty and affordable, instead of a lavish buffet that is fit for a king. You don’t have to worry. You can still wow your guests with an array of delectable food by ordering box lunches or hiring food ...view middle of the document...

You can also get the lunch boxes tailored to your specific event and have the packages customised by changing the colour schemes. Or get them printed with your company logo, or any other images that will fit the theme or event being held. Most corporate catering companies in Sydney offer box lunches services for their thousands of clients.

Hotdog Stands

Everybody loves hot dogs. That’s why small or large corporate parties usually hire catering services that offer tasty hot dogs in carts or stands. The mouth-watering taste of hot dogs, especially when dressed in a classic combination of ketchup, pickle relish and mustard, are sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite. So, let your guests enjoy a delicious hot dog treat by hiring a corporate catering service that provides hot dogs in carts or stands.

Salad Bars

Caesar salad, Greek salad, bean salad, chicken salad or fruit salad—the options are limitless. Because of the selection of fruits, vegetables and meats available in a salad bar, anyone’s palette can be satisfied. Most corporate catering services in Sydney offer salad bar options for their clients who want a healthy approach in planning their corporate outdoor party. By preparing a salad bar, your guests will have a myriad of choices, from fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats that are not only healthy but also appetising.

Yogurt Bars

A frozen yogurt bar is a healthy option for...

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