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5 Crucial Electrical Safety Tips To Keeping Your Home Safe

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Turning a house into a home involves a lot of factors. Aside from the warm ambience, useful furnishings and good relationship with the people you are living with, having a sense of security is also a top priority.
Security transforms a house into more than just a structure, but a refuge for you and your loved ones. One way of achieving this security is by maintaining electrical safety throughout your home.
Applying electrical safety measures in your home shouldn’t be ignored. Even simple negligence can cost not just property damage, but also endanger the lives of people you love. To help you keep your family safe, here are five crucial tips to remember:
1. Say NO to DIY Electrical Jobs ...view middle of the document...

When looking for an electrician, ask to see their licence first to confirm if they are qualified to take electric-related work following established safety standards.
3. Install a Safety Switch
Having safety switches won’t replace care and common sense, but installing them inside your home will be a big help. It’s also mandated by law that all homes carry safety switches as an inexpensive preventive measure against electric shock. A safety switch works by automatically shutting down your power supply when it detects irregularities in the current, preventing electrocution and other injuries.
Here at Glenco, our skilled technicians are trained to install RCD’s or Residual Current Devices. These are safety switches designed to keep your home and family safe against unusual electrical surges.
4. Get Rid of Octopus Connections
For a long time, authorities and electrical contractors have been reminding homeowners that octopus connections or the use of extension cords to increase the number of outlets at home should be avoided. The reason? Octopus connections are primary causes of building fires.
As much as possible, do not plug high-powered appliances like ovens, heaters and microwaves to extension cords to prevent overloading the circuits. If you only have a few working sockets at home, it is recommended to call on expert technicians to address the issue.
5. Test and Tag Appliances
The process of testing and tagging...

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