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5 Factors That May Impair With Cross Culture Communication

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1) Conventions for courtesy - When people from different cultures communicate misunderstandings often result not only from their words but also their ways of communicating. Every language has common conventions for polite interaction and certain formalities and courtesies is expected which other may dismiss as insincere chitchat. In the example, the person (Indian) talking to the agent seems to be defensive behavior even though it does not seems rude to the other East Indian. But it comes to a disagreeable to people who are not used to this tone of voice. When the two people are not communicating on the same level, then it comes to a totally shut down. One of the two individual should stop and try to make sure that they eliminate that split of communication.2) Sequence- Skillful exchange of information is ...view middle of the document...

Both gets frustrated3) Phasing- Cultural habits also influence people's ideas of when it is appropriate to discuss certain things. For example in a business deal, to jump directly into the business conversation could be rude and could misinterpret that we are ignoring the person as a human being. Differences in phasing in conversation are not only cultural but regional too. In the north for example, people get right down to the business while in the south people could take more time for social recur before talking about the business.4) Objectivity - Logic and accuracy are essential to some people essential and if words are not precise, they are driven to clarification. This can totally derail others who perceive the clarification as manipulative and dominating too. Problems also arise when people have different ideas about how an argument should be expressed. Some people argue impersonally aiming for objective to get fulfilled and not allowing emotion to interfere with reasons. Others may distrust the motives of people who are emotionless an aloof in their argument. It may cause conflict .when Communication causes conflict and the conflict will have more to do with style or process rather than content. These differences may occur from personality but often they are cultural5) Specificity- it takes time to develop trust. Trust is something that you earn. So, people establish trust in relationships in a culturally different ways. Some start with general principles and are committed to work together while other wants the specifics and terms and are worried about their own profit. The result is no deal or a loss for both of them.6) Assertiveness- some cultures are more verbally expressive than others. Some Americans are very inquisitive and chatty while American Indians maintain to respect silence and privacy. They continue chatting and try to be friendly while others may see it as noisy and rude.

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