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5 Laws That Govern The Behavior Of It

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Identify 5 laws that govern the behavior of IT in the 21st century.LAW 1 The Cost of Application Developers to a Company versus the Cost of Outsourcing.I believe the cost of having application developers working for your company and designing applications is getting higher. The cost of outsourcing the development of an application is staying the same or getting lower. The time it takes for the application developers in a given company to develop an application is usually eliminated when compared to buying an application from an outsourcer. Since the application is already developed or it only needs few modifications, the initial time that it takes to get the application ready for customer is shorter than the time it takes for the company's IT department to custom develop the application. So I think in the future, companies will tend to outsource more for their IT needs.LAW 2 Storage capacity versus Utilization As the average capacity of a hard disk in today's market is getting bigger, the average time it takes to fill that hard disk with data will remain constant. I support this claim with the fact that operating software and commercial applications tend to take up more space as their version changes. Microsoft Windows 3.1 was on floppy diskettes and then Windows 95 came with a single CD. Then we saw Windows 98 and Windows ME. These Operating Systems were also used a single CD as a media but they all took more space on our hard drives than the previous version. Windows 2000 comes with several CDs and it required the most hard disk space. Soon we'll see Windows XP and I wouldn't be surprised if it came on a DVD. In addition to the operating systems, commercial applications and suites like Microsoft Office 95/97/2000, Adobe PhotoShop, Computer Games, etc. are requiring more and more space as newer versions are coming.Today companies gather more and more data about their customers. Customers personal information, buying habits, web browsing habits, likes, dislikes and other personal information has become more important for the companies that create business strategies and marketing plans based on customers. The more customer-centric the company becomes,...

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