5 Lies On Fuel Consumption And Efficiency You Should Know

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The talk about fuel consumption and fuel efficiency has led to many lies that many drivers pass as truth. However, in order to truly save on gas expenses, every car owner should realize that not everything they read can actually help in proper fuel consumption.
Here are fuel consumption myths every car owner should know.
Premium gasoline is cleaner thus saves you on fuel expenses
I’ve heard this many times and unfortunately there is no truth in this. First, many think this way because they equate higher product cost as having better quality. I have to burst you’re bubble but you’ve probably fallen for the marketing and publicity gas companies have. They’re enticing and really flashy so ...view middle of the document...

Recommend means it is suggested and the manufacturer thinks it is a good idea for you to use it. On the other hand, require means whether you like it or else use this type of fuel. Second, many think that higher octane gas will give you higher power but will cost you more. This is another misconception. Paying more for added power is not what higher octane is all about. Rather higher octane content in the fuel will provide less knock on your engine. In fact, using an octane rate that is more than what the engine requires will produce less power and thus cost you more.
The type of fuel you put in is dependent mainly on your car’s engine. Most cars are designed to run efficiently on regular gas. However, engines that have higher compression may require higher octane gasoline. So the rule here is to know what is required by your engine to run smoothly and more efficiently.
Fuel Consumption Tips:
• Read the manual and follow it
• Ask the octane level of the gas you are using. Make sure it matches your car’s requirement.
The older your car gets the less fuel efficient it becomes
This sounds logical, but it’s actually not. Old cars that are properly maintained can be as fuel efficient the day they were bought. The key here is proper maintenance. We’re not talking about just keeping your car in running condition. Rather, we’re targeting a more practical and cost efficient level here. This means, keeping you’re your hoses, clog free, if you still use a carburetor this means getting it regular cleaned. Likewise, setting your carburetor to get the best fuel and air mix will make it more fuel efficient. Moreover, getting replacements for parts that are worn out immediately will prevent more damage in the future. I’ve seen cars bought in the mid-1990s that run better and have better fuel economy than newer models simply because of car maintenance.
Fuel Consumption Tips:
• Have regular check ups
• Use parts that match your car
• Do not wait for a problem to get bigger before you address it.
• Choose a reputable mechanic that knows your car’s model well
Gas mileage additives will give you better...

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