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5 Ways You Can Spot Osteoporosis

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5 WAYS YOU CAN SPOT OSTEOPOROSISPreparing for and avoiding osteoporosis is possible - but you have to see the warning signs first. Before delving into symptoms, let's review the issue itself. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. If your bone mineral density falls beneath a certain point, and your bones have become more porous than solid, you may be diagnosed with it. Detection commonly happens at an advanced stage, usually triggered when you break a bone, from an innocent fall or bump that can render you bedridden due to frailty or fracture. The most accurate test to determine your bone mineral density is called a DEXA scan. It is a dual X-ray that measures how porous your bones are. It is the best way to find out your bone strength so that you can make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to keep osteoporosis at bay. If you haven't already been tested, here are some warning signs to watch for. Watch for These Possible Symptoms of Osteoporosis 1. A bone break or fracture that happens from a low impact fall or bump. 2. Bone pain. 3. Loss of height over time, or degrading posture. 4. Back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebra. 5. Increases in incidences and severity of dental problems. If any of these are familiar to you it's time to get a DEXA scan to accurately test your bones. If you find your bone density is low, consider increasing your activity, getting some daily sunshine whenever possible (not much here in Vancouver these days), and eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Also Calcium.2 ways to improve your bone health :-Are you concerned about your bone health? Frailty of your bones, a symptom of osteoporosis, is as big a problem as cancer and heart disease, because as many as 20% of people who fracture a hip will die from it. A fracture can render you bedridden and be hard to physically recover from during your golden years, when staying active is crucial. This helps explain this shocking statistic about fractures. Rather than wait for a broken bone to limit your remaining years, let's take a look at two things you can do now for better bone density, and a reduced risk of fracture. 1. Avoid Acidic Offenders in Your Diet. Consuming excessive alcohol, soft drinks and refined foods on a daily basis leads to weakened bone strength, as they create an acidic environment in your blood. When that happens, your body reacts by pulling calcium away from your bones where it should be, and into the bloodstream where it balances the acidity your diet has created. A diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, which are considered alkaline (the opposite of acidic), will provide the correct pH balance you need to keep the calcium in your bones, and keep them strong as possible. 2. Use them or Lose them - Exercise Makes or Breaks Your Bones Improving your bone health involves one other important component: the bones must feel that they're being stressed in order to grow. Just as with muscles, weight bearing exercises let the bones know their...


Means of Avoiding Osteoporosis Essay

1087 words - 4 pages much as they can because it increases bone mass and can greatly reduce the risk of osteoporosis when you get older. However, in addition to exercising and eating a healthy diet, there are other ways to help prevent osteoporosis. Medications such as Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, and Evista can be used to treat the disease. (3) But you have to remember that there are always side effects such as gastrointestinal illness and an increased risk

Osteoporosis Essay

846 words - 3 pages protect your bones. It's true that the things we do now will catch up to us later in life. While drinking milk can help, exercising and eating a well balanced meal is also very important. Be good to your body while you still have your health. Bibliography: National Osteoporosis Foundation- internet Encarta 95-cdrom Mayo Clinic Center-internet

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2431 words - 10 pages risk factors can lead to bone loss and osteoporosis. Some of these things you cannot change and others you can. Risk factors you cannot change include your gender; it is a fact that women get osteoporosis more often than men (Leach, 2005). As mentioned, as you grow older, your risk of osteoporosis increases. Your body size also plays a part because small, thin women are at a greater risk. In addition, your ethnic background is a risk factor, for


643 words - 3 pages Vitamin D to not be able to do its job by getting calcium to the bones. Salt can cause the body to lose a little bit of calcium. The amount of calcium you will lose from salt is very small but if you are already fighting a loss of calcium or have osteoporosis then salt is not a good choice of food. One of the best ways to make your bones strong and to help prevent osteoporosis is exercise. If you already have osteoporosis, it is best to keep

Worldwide Public Health Concerns: Osteoporosis

2489 words - 10 pages 2008; 4(4): 827–836 PMCID: PMC2621390. 3. International Osteoporosis Foundation (ND). Osteoporosis & Musculoskeletal Disorders - Epidemiology. Retrieved from 4. Mayo Clinic Staff (ND). Osteoporosis. Mayo Clinic. Retrieved from Mayo Clinic (March 2014). 5. National Osteoporosis Foundation (ND). Calcium and Vitamin D: What You Need to Know. 6. Simpson


712 words - 3 pages they have osteoporosis until their bones become so weak that a sudden strain, bump, or fall causes a fracture or a vertebra to collapse. Once your vertebrae collapses you would feel it in the form of severe back pain, loss of height, stooped posture or dowager's hump. Building strong bones, especially before the age of 35, can be the best defense against developing osteoporosis, and a healthy lifestyle can be critically important for keeping

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1429 words - 6 pages disease. Bone thinning is an inevitable part of growing older. After the age of about 30, bone thinning is a natural process and cannot be stopped completely. If you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly early in like, you may be able to delay the development of osteoporosis. Adults who have the disease or who are risk for the disease can slow the process and prevent problems with diet. Getting enough calcium is one of the first steps to

Osteoporosis and Young Women

684 words - 3 pages be prevented. Initially, we should know the causes and risk factors of osteoporosis in young women. If you are a young woman with a risk of developing osteoporosis, you can prevent osteoporosis by eliminating or modification of the particular risk factor. Oestrogen deficiency Being a woman is one of the risk factors of osteoporosis. Therefore, you cannot avoid or modify it. The deficiency of a female hormone called oestrogen is a major risk

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1333 words - 5 pages pain occurring in the body with older age. Bone loss occurs as we mature throughout our lives. It is a false assumption that most make thinking osteoporosis only occurs in the elderly. People of any age are susceptible to this disease although it does typically occur in older individuals. If you do not get the adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D required in your diet, you are more vulnerable and at risk to this disease. Other causes

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515 words - 2 pages at a faster than normal rate.Risk Factors. There are many different risk factors of Osteoporosis, some that are controllable and some that are not. Women that eat a well balanced diet that includes up to 5 servings of vegetables a day exercise at least 3 hours a week and limit their alcoholic beverages to 1-2 a week, are at a lower risk of getting the disease. There are risk factors that cannot be controlled and can possibly increase the risk of

Bone Diseases: Osteoporosis

2146 words - 9 pages levels in the blood. Checking with your health care professional to see what medications are right for you can ease pain, and making sure to get enough sun exposure can suffice for stronger bones. The main goals for anyone that is looking to avoid getting Osteoporosis, especially those predisposed to the disease are to enhance their knowledge base of: foods, supplements, vitamins, minerals, medications as well as activities that aid and

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