5 Most Important Events From Ancient History

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In 10,000 B.C.E. the Chinese developed the world's first civilization. This affected them greatly because once they charged from being nomads and settled in areas, they began farming. They were able to stop worrying about where to move next and their immediate needs, and could think about how to improve their farming, transportation, building, government, religious, and research techniques. This still affects us today because we have done exactly what they did, except technology has allows us to move at a faster pace. For example, I wouldn't have had the time to sit and type this paper if the Chinese, and other cultures hadn't changed their style of living from being nomads to settling in one place, where they could develop a stable economy and civilization could diversify so that people could think and develop new things instead of worrying about basic needs like finding enough food.In 3,000 B.C.E. the Sumerians (Mesopotamia) developed the world's first writing, cuneiform. This allowed them to post laws, write books to educate people, and let their Israelite POWs write down the Bible. This affected them because generally more educated people follow laws, if they know the laws. This continues to affect us today, because by establishing writing, people ad a way to communicate ideas to many people. Today, technology and computers provide a similar way to communicate, so that one person's ideas can be read by many. However without writing this would not be possible. We wouldn't be at school, computers, virtually everything, including freedom, if the Sumerians hadn't developed writing. I wouldn't be typing this report if the Sumerians hadn't developed the world's first form of writing.In 500 B.C.E. Athens, the Greek city-state, developed, and used the world's...

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1645 words - 7 pages Olympic Games have had monumental effects on our world today. Art was used to freeze frame moments and sentiments from the ancient Greek Olympic Games, and we still have these pieces of Olympic history to remind us of where the tradition began.The legends explaining the origin of the Olympic Games date back to the ninth century B.C.E. There are two different opinions over which legend is the real reason for the first Olympic Games. The most well

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818 words - 4 pages , goddess of harvest, god of wine, goddess of love, and many more. These individual gods specialized in his/her own field and they were the explanations for the many events that occurred around ancient Greece. This was important to the ancient civilizations; in fact, the ancient Greeks even built individual temples for the more important gods and goddesses. In these temples, the specified god or goddess was worshipped and treated like loyalty

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516 words - 2 pages According with S. Marilyn, (2009), Art History Portable Edition, Ancient Art Chapter Five, to knowledge about Greek history is important to understanding its arts; knowledge of its religious beliefs is indispensable, because most of their art pieces are based on myth and legends of their gods. Gods that were heroes and victorious warriors that deserved to be praised and recognized for others. The best way for the Greeks arties was creating

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3933 words - 16 pages athlete's basic right to happiness by emphasizing that the most important thing about competition is not in winning or losing, but in the struggle itself.When the Greeks established their first Olympics(776 B.C.), it lasted for a period of only one day, and consisted of only running. By 500 B.C., however, the Olympic Games lasted for 5 days and consisted of 10 different types of events: running, the pentathlon, jumping, discus, "ekebolon" javelin

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1201 words - 5 pages have falcon-like qualities. He was depicted as a falcon but with other bird of prey qualities such as hawk, raptor and eagle qualities for his high intelligence, good vision and swift reflexes. After 1554 BC, Ancient Egypt civilisation was run by pharaohs, considered to be half-man, half-god Pharaohs were believed to have spirits which lasted eternity. Pharaohs had to be protected; the cobra was the protector from evil because its defence

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3057 words - 12 pages beginning of Egyptian art was painting little figures on the walls of caves and pottery. These pictures told stories that represented historical events they found important enough to document. The basic principles of Egyptian art stayed nearly the same throughout history. Ancient Egyptian art brings to mind pyramids, temples, and mummies. However, Egyptian art included more than that. Egyptian art shows us how the Egyptians lived, and also how they

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1075 words - 4 pages History, April 24th, 2014). These landmarks are what people see and remember as “Ancient Rome.” Rome, from when it began in 753BC, to the fall of Ancient Rome in 476AD, had a plethora of major events in its history. In 509BC, Rome became a Republic. Later, in 218BC, Hannibal invaded Italy. In 45BC, Julius Caesar became the first dictator of Rome, and in 44BC, Caesar was assassinated. In 27BC, the Roman Empire begins, but in 64AD most of Rome burns. In

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