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5 Paragraph Essay On Whether Or Not You Think New Technology Such As Cellphones , Computers , Tablets Or Dv Ds Benefit Our Society

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The media Digital today opened a variety of activities appealing , attractive young people than ever before , and where they created a series of new demands that previous generations did not imagine . The mobile phones increasingly diverse , multi-functional , with services such as recording , photography , networking , ringtones and wallpapers add variety , chat and send text messages, listen to music and watch movies ... We are becoming " one " indispensable people wealthy , the poor more easily and " bought " a "theme " of " second-hand " . When there is a " mobile " then the other side needs arise , such as finding your four , life test , see price shopping , stock market , loaded the game type , betting even or gambling and other entertainment services ... Many people feel proud and confident , able to express their own personality and ... " more seriously " because of the " cell " . They can be contacted quickly and more convenient , take life easier, but on the other, they like being dependent on it , and can be disturbed at any given time. The new demands on the constant rise , it is likely to make many people never satisfied with what we have , but always wanted to upgrade constantly .

Queue as soon as the mobile phone of the internet to attract . All sorts of websites have sprung up , with interfaces designed with animation in a variety of attractive colors , eye-catching . Advertising services and promotions offered online constantly , and they can buy anything online , including rare antiques , the kind of " poison " comes from places well hours , until the item " hi - tech " ( high-tech ) just baked . Many websites have interactive capabilities , allowing users to contribute their opinions on the open forum . They can freely express feelings or critical of comfort, and if need be able to question the author . They have the right and the opportunity to speak from the heart , desire , and burning all your ideas , whether it is paradoxical idea where to go anymore ... And sometimes the minority opinion could prevail in the general forum , because the opportunity to speak out to all supporters . The owner of the email address , create a blog or participate in online group also meets demands democratic life , to express themselves , about personal space and not be controlled by humans .
To meet the demand for information and entertainment through television , cable television systems and digital television was quite popular in Vietnam , allowing viewers to choose many different channels with a variety of news programs news , documents and movies . There are many " intellectual game " on television , attractive young people , even the students , with the generous bonuses and the opportunity to express yourself ! The film program of all kinds, from the Korean film several episodes for the series of violence and hot U.S. , Australia , and the Western European countries ... Many programs skit , sports , culture , music and children also...

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