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5 Steps In Choosing The Right Running Shoes

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Different people have different reasons for buying shoes. Some people may buy shoes because of its style. Some may grab a pair because of its affordable price. While some may look for the comfort the shoes bring before swiping their card. Whatever the reason may be, the best way to buy shoes is to go to the store packed with all the essential information to help you make the right buying decision. Especially in buying running shoes, which are going to be used repeatedly and can draw the line between a good running experience or an injury, buyers need to carefully consider what type of shoes to purchase.
These are the five steps in choosing the right running shoes:
1. Determine the type of road you’re going to run on.
If you frequently run on pavement what you need are road running shoes. If you run on off-road routes with mud, roots and rocks though it’s best to use trail running shoes. The kind of shoe that you get will give you the ideal protection for the different type of road you will run on. Road running shoes can cushion and stabilise your feet in hard and even surfaces. Trail running shoes on the other hand can protect your feet from uneven paths and they offer solid traction and underfoot protection.
2. Know your shoe size and arch shape.
You should know your foot size as well as your arch shape when buying shoes. If you don’t know what size your feet are, you can go to a store with a Brannock device so they can measure the length, width and even the toe-to-ball measurement of your foot.
Also determine if your feet has a high arch, a normal arch or if you’re flat-flooted. If you haven’t figured this out yet, you can wet your foot and step on a piece of paper and check what footprint you leave out. If you have a wide and straight footprint, you’re flat-flooted. If you have very curved footprint where the ball and heel seems not connected, you have a high arch. Anything in between this two would mean you have a normal arch. You can also visit your podiatrist and have him check to be sure.
3. Identify your gait type.
A gait is a person’s running biomechanics or simply put a person’s way of walking or pacing. You need to know your gait to identify what type of shoes you need to get for the best support. Pronation is the natural inward roll of your foot after a heel strike. Overpronation is an exaggeration of pronation or too much rolling inward of your foot. While supination is the outward rolling of a...

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