50 And Pregnant, Expiration Date Of Birth In Parent Of A Certain Age

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Like the television show 16 and Pregnant, couples have adapted that idea of being pregnant over the age of 50. In article Parents of a Certain Age by Lisa Miller, the thought of having children after the age of 50 is despicable to some. Miller argues that it is reasonable to have children after you have exceeded the age of giving birth. Miller begins by introducing the typical reasons people delay having children. In addition she brings up the idea of the dangers that accompany having children later in life. She discusses the benefits to having them. Miller adds that there are some difficulties to raising children at a young age. She also states the mothers might feel out of place in the ...view middle of the document...

With a marriage that is already spiraling out of control, a baby is not the option to add to the mix. There would be custody battle, which might affect a child; because children always think that they did something wrong that is why mummy and daddy hate each other. Miller further then goes on and states, “He felt that he and his first wife hadn’t raised their son, now 35, “the way I thought he should be raised. I wanted to rear a family in a better way” (57). As parents get older they become wiser and more experienced with life. A lot of parents make mistakes from their first children but they learn from those mistakes and apply that knowledge to the children that come after. Although there are all these changes that can happen over time there is no guarantee that it will be applicable to another child. All babies are different each one come with an entirely different set of challenges. Miller further then shows “he found that women who gave birth to children after the age of 40 were four times more likely to live 100 than those who did not” (64). People who have children after the age of 40 could live longer because they have young children at home who need them and parents would do anything in their power to be around for their children as they grow. Although people try to take of themselves, it does not necessarily mean that they will live till a 100, they could die of natural causes.
Although there are good reasons to having babies, but there are a lot of risks that accompany being pregnant over the age of 45. Miller states that, “if you’re willing to carry a child who is not genetically your own, fertility treatment is an emotional roller coaster with mediocre success rates at best” (67). Miller does not present any statistical data that validate the fertility success rate to be deemed mediocre. A mother carrying a child that is not genetically hers might not feel connected to the child. Miller further then goes on to talk about a woman called Palin, “she underwent six failed IVF cycles and three miscarriages-including, the final time, a miscarriage of triplets” (68). Waiting for the pregnancy test and then after a while you get pregnant and lose the baby. IFV takes a toll on both the mother and the father; it requires a lot of emotional stability. The loss of the child takes more tolls on the mother because she has begun to have this bond with a child inside of her. Miller also states the complications of having children, “after 35, the risk of preterm labor increases by 20 percent, and preemies can have lung problems, digestives problems, brain bleeds, and neurological complications, including developmental delays and learning issues, depending largely on their gestational age at birth”(60). Even though Miller presents these problems that happen to late pregnancies she turns a blind eye and continues to present more reasons to having a child. The birth of the child would be challenging because the mother and child can both die...

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