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50 Cent & And How He Is Shown In The Music Industry

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50 Cent was born in the south of Jamaica, 26 years ago. In the late 70s, 50 lost those closest to him. He was raised without a father and his mother was found dead under mysterious circumstances before he could hit his teens. 50 would try and get his reputation up at Guy.R.Brewer Blvd, by making a small fortune from raps. Rap developed from hip-hop. Hip-hop DJs would improvise words over a track, this was rapping. The rhyming and rhythmic pattern of the words came from street talk. They would also turn records back and forward to produce a distinctive scratching sound.Even though rappers say their raps have no connection with people using guns and drug dealing, it is badly critised for its gangster style of violence.50 cent is popular in many ways, he adds a hook and an original beat to his music to make them sound more like songs. This has separated him from the average rapper. 50 also talks about his own life in his songs and how his has struggled through childhood but by obeying one rule, "get rich or die trying" he is now living the life of his dreams. This may also appeal to a lot of other young people in the world but other rappers e.g. Nelly talk more about a fantasy world, where he is living in a town called Nellyville (named after him) everyone sees him as the no.1 person and girls just die to get a glimpse of his good looks, which some people might like, but it isn't very realistic. 50 makes it sound like it's possible to get what you want and realistic at the same time.50 cent's raps are aimed at teenagers, mainly black and who want to be rich. You can tell this because his songs are about him in his teens, how is now or tips on how to get rich. I also think his raps are aimed at males because he doesn't talk about girls and if he does its about how he plays them. People who listen to 50s music are normally gangster type, people who like to party and hang around in big groups50 cent tries to show that he's hard and that he's not scared of anything. He wears a big heavy chain with a cross on to show off his wealth and that he believes in God. His body is covered in tattoos so he's normally topless or wearing sleeveless tops. Tattoos are also thought to make you look hard. Lots of people like to listen to 50 cent because his raps are about himself and so your also finding things out about his life, which makes you, feel as though you know him well. People also like to dress like him so other people, who don't know them, can see what kind of person they are. A fan of 50 cent might wear chains gel their hair and older people might have tattoos but a fan of Linkin Park would wear baggy clothes and like their hair long. Someone who listens to pink might choose to dress like a punk. This makes people part of a group who have the same interests as them.50 cent is advertised in areas where a lot of people dress and act like him e.g. in cities, rough gangster places. On radio shows his music is normally on shows which contain mainly R n B, hip-...

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