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Healthcare Reform
Heath care is currently, and has been, a hot topic in politics and the average person's life today. Since Obama has come into office he has brought up the issue of providing every American with health care coverage while keeping costs low. Since his re-election, we have been faced with a healthcare reform that tears our country, and politicians, down the middle. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” is “A federal statute signed into law in March 2010 as a part of the healthcare reform agenda of the Obama administration. Signed under the title of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the law included multiple provisions that ...view middle of the document...

When people are confronted with these new skyrocketing prices, and cannot afford it, they will be forced to drop their current insurance leaving them with the option of enrolling in Obamacare all while loosing the previous options they once had. As well as individuals, businesses will also be forced to drop their current policies due to the increased costs which leads to government fines. Although, many of these places are more than likely to opt out because the fines will be much more affordable than to cover their employees. Once the details are ironed out and the plan is in full effect, the middle class American’s hand will be lead into the government healthcare due to rising costs that most cannot afford, so the question is “will be current insurance really be an option?”
Current insurance companies are fearful for the new Act that has passed not only because of the new premiums but it will also create competition. Once the government creates this new healthcare system, that it controls, it also will set the bar for the private companies as well, essentially, requiring a policy to meet a new sets of rules. Thomas Miller, a former senior health economist for Joint Economic Committee, points out that “The ACA will further erode meaningful limits on the powers of the federal government. Its maze of current and future mandates, regulatory edicts and arbitrary bureaucracy undermines political accountability and the rule of law” (Clemmitt) which notes that government will be determining what options we have to choose from and what the free market companies are allowed to offer.
With the...

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