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501 A And 502 A Assessment Task Workbook

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This assessment package outlines the requirements for the assessment of PSPTIS501A Negotiate Translating and Interpreting Assignments and PSPTIS502A Prepare to Translate and Interpret

These two units are part of the PSP61012 Advanced Diploma of Translating. They can be accessed at at the following link:

There are no pre-requisites units.

Assessment Overview

These two units of competency will be assessed using assessment methods including knowledge assessment and practical skill assessment. This allows for discrete assessment of specific knowledge and the assessment of knowledge integrated with skills during practical simulated workplace tasks.

The assessment tasks for these 2 units are:

Assessment Task 1
Written Questions

Assessment Task 2
Role Play

Assessment Task 3
Case Study Response

Assessment Task 4
Written Report

Assessment Task 1 ? Written Questions

This task requires you to complete a written knowledge assessment involving 8 short response questions. The questions within this assessment relate directly to the integrated knowledge contained within the unit of competency and are fundamental to the candidate?s ability to perform workplace tasks correctly.

The assessment will be completed by you in your own time based on their research of each question. If you need more time to complete the assessment you must negotiate with the assessor. You must answer all questions correctly in order to satisfactorily complete this assessment.

Assessment Procedure
You will be provided a briefing on the assessment. This is an opportunity to seek clarification about the conduct of the assessment and the wording of questions contained within the assessment. Following the assessment, the assessor will provide you with direct feedback about your result.

Resource Requirement
To complete this assessment task the following resources are required:
? Access to the internet
? The Learner Guide

The following limitations apply:
If you require more time, you may negotiate with the assessor. Use the written response form to prepare your responses.

1. What relevant information should you collect in advance before accepting an assignment?

I need know what the assignment is talks about and evaluate whether I have enough experience. I also need check what assistance I need.

What information should you provide to clients?

I will tell my client what translation strategy and technique I should use to help my translation.


What should you clarify with the clients in relation to client?s performance expectations?

I need discuss with the client about its performance expectation so that we don?t have big gap on expectation.

What competencies should you have in working as a...

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