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PAGE 1 Human Capital Concepts
Human Capital Concept WorksheetTabitha W. PurifoyUniversity of PhoenixMay 26, 2008Prof. June MaulHuman Capital Concepts Worksheet

Application of Concept in the Scenario

Reference to Concept in Reading

Career and Personal Development

Since Interclean has identified that the company after the merger with EnviroTech will offer additional services to their customers such as customizing packages for their different clients as well as more interaction with the facilities managers. This will require more career and personal development of the sales staff. The Vice President of HR, Janet Durham stated that the company training funds were limited however with the merging of these two companies this should free up enough money to ensure that these employees receive the proper development so the clients' needs are satisfied.

"Many organizations simply do not have the in-house capability to deliver high-quality training experience. Making judgments about method-purpose congruence and training capability may requires the help of training and development experts." (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001)

Creating a Vision

David Spencer the President of InterClean sent out a memo to all of the employees of InterClean advising them that the merging with EnviroTech is a giant step towards the companies vision towards reaching the sales goals that is anticipated within the next year and the Senior Sales Specialists from EnviroTech also received confirmation that after the merger they should be leading the sales force towards the company's overall vision.

"Creating a vision of the future required showing individuals and groups how they will fit into the future." (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001)

Exit orientation and managing the restructuring process

Interclean throughout this merger communicated the necessary information to its employees advising them of the merger with EnviroTech. It has also been communicated the changes that will take place in the sales department and the necessary training that will be required.

"Change management consists of a series of integrated activities. For instance, the need for the change and the vision for the new company must be thoroughly communicated to all employees. Next the organizational structure and work processes need to be specified for the new, merged organization." (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001)

Organizational Fit

There will be some employee who will no longer be employed with InterClean after the merger due to skill set and other factors. It will be Janet Durham, responsible to identify the candidates that will be an assets to the company and assist towards the companies new vision.

"Some companies seek "right types" or candidates who "fit" the company's culture and who are similar to current incumbents." (Dougherty & Dreher)

Benefit Level

With the company offering more services to their clients, having a qualified trained sales staff the sales should...

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