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Running head: EMPLOYMENT CONFLICT MANAGEMENT WORKSHEET: COASTAL COUNTY CLERK OF COURTEmployment Conflict Management Worksheet: Coastal County Clerk of CourtEmployment Conflict Management Concepts WorksheetConcept Application of Concept in Scenario Citation of Concept in Reading Personal Experience in your OrganizationCompetitionA competitive, or "power over," style is characterized by aggressive and uncooperativebehavior-pursuing your own concerns at the expense of another. People with competitivestyles attempt to gain power by direct confrontation, by trying to "win" the argumentwithout adjusting to the other's goals and desires. A person with a competitive style is onewho usually thinks it necessary to engage the other participant in overt disagreement. Theconflict is seen as a "battleground," where winning is the goal, and concern for the otheris of little or no importance.Conflict often helps people join together and clarify their goals. Many times people keepon doing things "the same old way" until there is a conflict. When conflict arises,they must decide what their priorities are and how to use their resources.Dennis Munger and Stan Accord both ran for the County Clerk position, which have different views on how to manage the department. Munger maintain under his leadership the office of the clerk of the court would continue to work the same way, once elected, whereas Accord would focus on efficiency, responsiveness and technology.Stan Accord won the election and became Dennis Munger immediate supervisor and started to implement changes that had Munger in a disagreement with the short absence policy, because in the past he was able to go home for an hour to take care of his elderly parents.Both of them are competitive and Munger is not willing to adjust to changes or even try out the new policy, but rather make this discrimination about age, which is now causing a conflict within the office. Wilmot−Hocker, 2007, pp. 38, 145 When I ran against the last President of the Alumni Association and won, she didn't want to let go of the duties, so we had major conflicts because she critzise my leadership and try to turn people against me. I had to finally let her know it's not about me and her, but what is best for the Alumni Association and I would like to work with you and if this is not possible, then her help isn't needed.Collaboration involves making descriptive and disclosing statements and soliciting disclosure and criticism from the other party. One makes concessions when necessary and accepts responsibility for one's own part in the conflict. Collaboration does notmean taking total responsibility, such as in saying, "It's all my fault. I shouldn't havegotten angry." Rather, collaboration is a struggle with the other to find mutually agreeablesolutions. Parties engage at an exploratory, problem-solving level rather than avoidingor destroying each other.The Picketing of the Coastal County has brought attention of the citizens, and...

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2489 words - 10 pages ). Employment Law. ADR SYNOPSIS. Retrieved on June 30, 2010 from http://www.contilaw.com/adrsyn.htmlFord, J. (2000). Workplace Conflict: Facts and Figures. Retrieved on July 4, 2010 from Mediate.com. http://www.mediate.com/articles/Ford1.cfmSimulation. (2010). Formulating and Evaluating Public Policy. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MMPBL/540-Conflict Management website.Smith, A., & Smock, D. R. (2008). Managing a Mediation Process. Peacemaker's Toolkit. United States Institute of Peace PressWilmot, W., & Hocker, J. (2007). Interpersonal Conflict. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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2584 words - 10 pages Employment Conflict PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Running head: EMPLOYMENT CONFLICT MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE(S)Employment Conflict Management Technique(s)University of PhoenixEmployment Conflict ManagementFastServe Inc. (FSI) is a $25 million, 350-person company involved in the direct marketing of branded sports apparel, exclusively focusing on the sport-crazy Generation Y segment. The company has opened up two online channels for both boys and girls. One

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4356 words - 17 pages Non-Employment Conflict Management"In both our personal and work lives, we negotiate to make decisions that are acceptable to everyone concerned" (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007 p. 243). The Wamayo Basin Management and Conservation (WBMC) Department is an entity of the federal government assigned with the task to formulate policies concerning water management, conservation of water, wildlife, and habitat. The Wamayo River and its tributaries merge

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4340 words - 17 pages want more dams built. Another conflict is the activities performed by the Farmers Association reduce the salmon population (University of Phoenix, 2007).The Northwest Timber and Paper Association position is to ensure the logging rights continue. This industry provides employment to 35% of the local residents and produces revenue over $1 billion. The logging and paper industry processes increase the silting and sedimentation in the river water

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2150 words - 9 pages ed. McGraw-Hill Irwin. pp. 458-459Colin Beasty (2007) Customer Relationship Management: Predicting Profitability. Medford. Vol. 11; p. 18Don Hofstrand, (2009). Cross-cultural conflict and expatriate manager adjustment: An exploratory study. Management Decision, 42, 7/8, 837-849.Groppelli, Angelico, Ehsan Nikbakht (2000). Finance, 4th ed. Barron's Educational Series, Inc. pp. 444-445Jess Rhodes, (2006). Handbook of hospitality strategic management

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2751 words - 11 pages PAGE 13 Coastal County Clerk Worksheet Coastal County Clerk of Court Benchmarking WorksheetWEEK 2Alternative Dispute Resolution Research WorksheetResolving Employment Conflict Topic : Alternative Dispute Resolution Zurich "Zurich, which insures businesses such as hotels and restaurants with multiple locations, including hospitals and churches, had a regular adjustment process in effect" (Rooney, 2008, p. 3). "But Zurich officials decided to

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1062 words - 4 pages PAGE 1 Working Capital Worksheet Working Capital Management Concepts WorksheetMBA 550 WK 1University of Phoenix Credit Policy "A credit policy is the blueprint used by a business in making its decision to extend credit to a customer. The primary goal of a credit policy is to avoid extending credit to customers who are unable to pay their accounts. The credit policy for some larger businesses can be quite formal, involving things such as

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1302 words - 5 pages too well and people could use things to their advantages. Like knowing how to push someone's buttons for example. "The Be Cool Series": (successful) Conflict Prevention This programs is the #1 conflict management program in America. It was created by James Stanfield as the first program developed that would not only nourish kids with the key elements they would need for life but it would also provide them with tools like videos and exercises

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2323 words - 9 pages Sentinel Event Alert addressing intimidating behavior (The Joint Commission 2008). A 2009 study by the Center for American Nurses found that in a sample of 222 direct care nurses, 1 in 4 of them used avoiding as a conflict management style. The nurses revealed they were fearful of not being supported when dealing with conflict or of being punished therefore they sometimes used avoiding to protect herself or himself (Johansen). Managing conflict

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1353 words - 5 pages metrics: “Year of Service Annual Full-Time Accrual Annual Part-Time Accrual (30 or more hrs/wk) (between 20 and 29.99 hrs/wk) 0-2 years 120 hrs 60 hrs 2-4 years 160 hrs 80 hrs 4-9 years 200 hrs 100 hrs 9-19 years 240 hrs 120 hrs 19 + years 280 hrs 140 hrs” (NY Job Source, 2013). Table 1: Paid Time Off for Nike Employees (NY Job Source, 2013). From a glance, it seems that Nike’s

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2485 words - 10 pages mediation to resolve over 30 disputes in the past three years" (Gans & Stryker, 2006, p. 41). A skilled mediator can allow parties to face up to their weaknesses and focus on a cooperative, problem-solving approach to conflict management. It's important to push mediation early to achieve the full benefit in terms of time and cost savings.Siemens believes ADR to be a process and not an end in itself. "The process is driven through their lawyers

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