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540 Wk 4 Non Employment Conflict Adr Worksheet

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Resolving Non-Employment ConflictAlternative Dispute Resolution Research WorksheetUniversity of PhoenixAlternative Dispute Resolution Research WorksheetResolving Non-Employment ConflictResearch-The purpose of this research is to identify potential alternative dispute resolution strategies that could be used by M-Core.Topic : Alternative Dispute ResolutionThe Toro CompanyThe Toro Company, a large manufacturer of lawn and turf care products, had a problem with the manner in which it dealt with liability claims. The company had taken on the traditional method of going to court to litigate its claims. This method although most often favorable toward the company, cost the company time and money. The time spent on a claim could last years and cost significant sums of money. Often the time spent preparing for a trial was wasted as the claim was settled before the trial began but not before the years of preparation for that trial.In an effort to curtail losses in time wasted and money, Toro turned to mediation. "This allowed the company to educate the claimant fully as to the risks of a jury trial, without any dilution of reality by the claimant's lawyer. Further, since a primary function of the mediator is to ensure that the claimant thoroughly understands the weaknesses of his/her claim, mediation created a forum for settlement negotiations unlike any other" (Olivella, 1996). Toro devised a system to evaluate each claim in an effort determine the claim's liability and damages. This system saved Toro money and time as the work was done in a matter of weeks instead of years. This system was an aggressive fact finding process conducted outside of litigation. This pre-litigation mediation saved Toro millions in damages and continues to benefit the company. Toro recognized the benefits of this pre-litigation mediation as seen in 90 to 95 percent successful resolution of claims. Additionally the number of active claims has drastically reduced from approximately 150 to 35 cases and the expenditures have been reduced by an average $45,617 per claim, resulting in an overall cost savings of over $5,000,000. Finally, the company's annual liability insurance premium was reduced by approximately $1,800,000 per year from the inception of the program until the company recently decided to become self-insured"(Olivella, 1996).What Toro learned was that mediation works and as such has saved the company millions in damages and time. M-Core can take a lesson from Toro and engage in mediation with the three holdouts. Additionally by using fact finding, both sides, M-Core and the holdouts, can fully understand the consequences of their actions. By using pre-litigation mediation, M-Core could resolve the issues causing the three homeowners to holdout. This would put the company back on track with its plans for the research and development campus rather than spending time in litigation, which would put the project behind in terms of years and costs.Honeywell and UnisysM-Core...

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Resolving Non-Employment Conflict Essay

2694 words - 11 pages Alternative Dispute Resolution 11Running Head: RESOLVING NON-EMPLOYMENT CONFLICTAlternative Dispute Resolution Research WorksheetResolving Non-Employment ConflictUniversity of PhoenixWEEK 5Alternative Dispute Resolution Research WorksheetResolving Non-Employment Conflict Alternative Dispute Resolution Onexium (New Jersey Nets) The Hogan Lovell's law firm has made a legal blow to the Atlantic Ave Yards project to build the New Jersey Nets

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1204 words - 5 pages person who is not dependent upon another-that is, who has no special interest in what the other does-has no conflict with that other person" (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007, p.11). Interdependent means "Each needs something from the other and they are vulnerable if they don't get it"(Dana 2001, p. 4).For instance, I work on a team and everyone has to do his or her part so the news could get to the anchor. If one person decides not to do his or her part

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4356 words - 17 pages Non-Employment Conflict Management"In both our personal and work lives, we negotiate to make decisions that are acceptable to everyone concerned" (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007 p. 243). The Wamayo Basin Management and Conservation (WBMC) Department is an entity of the federal government assigned with the task to formulate policies concerning water management, conservation of water, wildlife, and habitat. The Wamayo River and its tributaries merge

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4340 words - 17 pages International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution. (2007). ADR pledge and procedures. Retrieved , from http://www.cpradr.orgDispute Resolution Journal. (1997). Mediation is ADR method of choice. Dispute Resolution Journal, 52(4), 6. Retrieved , from EBSCOhost database.Friends of the River. (2007). Let this ad ride the bus! , from https://secure2.convio.netHunt JD, C. (n.d.). Mediate, arbitrate, or litigate? Graziado Business Report. Retrieved

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776 words - 3 pages Week One AssignmentEmployment Conflict Management Concepts Worksheet Concept Application of Concept in Scenario Citation of Concept in Reading Personal Experience in your Organization Workplace Conflict A condition between or among workers whose jobs are interdependent, who feel angry, who perceive the other(s) as being at fault, and who act in ways that cause a business problem. Workplace conflict is apparent in this scenario

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2751 words - 11 pages ). Retrieved on June 4, 2010. Rooney, J. F. (2008). An Early Resolution for Disputes. ADR Systems. Retrieved from Sustac, Zeno, Ignat, Claudiu (2001). "Alternative ways of solving conflicts (ADR)", Publisher: University, p. 242. University of Phoenix. (2006). Scenario: Coastal County Clerk of Court. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MMPBL/540-Conflict Management website.

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1138 words - 5 pages Every employer would like to avoid workplace disputes. However, this is not always possible and litigation is an option. The most common option for commercial disputes is called alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which is primarily an alternative method other than litigation, used to settle legal disputes and employment conflict situations. ADR processes, when properly used, provide due process and an opportunity to be heard in a less formal

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3430 words - 14 pages Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution. (2007). ADR pledge andprocedures. Retrieved December 20, 2009 http://www.cpradr.orgDisputeResolution Journal. (1997).Friends of the River. (2007). Let this ad ride the bus! Retrieved December 14, 2009, fromhttps://secure2.convio.netHunt .D, C. (n.d.).Mediation is ADR method of choice. Dispute Resolution Journal, 52(4), 6. Retrieved December 21, 2009, from EBSCOhost database.

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3748 words - 15 pages Resolution (ADR). “Beyond Intractability. Eds. Guy Burgees and Heidi Burgees. Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder. Posted: June 2003 S. GOLDBERG, E. GREEN, & F. SANDER, DISPUTE RESOLUTION 503 (1985) Sir Rupert Jackson, Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report (2009), ch 21, para 4.2 Stevens H. Clarke & Elizabeth Ellen Gordon, Public Sponsorship of Private Settling: Court-Ordered Civil Case Mediation,19 JUST. SYS. J. 311, 336 (1997). The Lord Chancellors Dep’t, Alternative Dispute Resolution, A discussion Paper, Annex B (Nov. 1999) available at

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2502 words - 10 pages support the view that ADR processes may (if anything) be more appropriate for ‘disadvantaged disputants [as their conflict may be addressed] in a quick, inexpensive and safe process rather than in lengthy, stressful and costly court proceedings’ (NADRAC, 2010). Parties who ‘stonewall, delay and refuse offers which are arguably in the market range’ (Wade, 2001, p. 4) may need to be taken to court so that the matter can be determined even if

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2283 words - 9 pages benefits of ADR include cost, speed, confidentiality, control, cooperative resolution and industry experts. Brief History of ADR ADR has been around for many years but has really taken off over the past few decades specifically after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. In the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed “discrimination in employment or public accommodations on the basis of race, sex or national origin.” These laws opened up the

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2808 words - 11 pages , January). Fair play in the adr arena. HRMagazine, Vol. 41, Issue 1. Retrieved May 3, 2009 from MasterFILE premier database (10473149).McGraw-Hill Companies. (2008). Retrieved May 3, 2009, from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Best Practices of Private Sector Employers. Retrieved from Internet 4/30/09, W.W., & Hocker, J.L. (2007). Interpersonal conflict (7th ed.). New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Retrieved May 3, 2009, from University of Phoenix, MMPBLE/540Conflict Management Web site.

Non Employment Conflict Management Essay

2489 words - 10 pages ). Employment Law. ADR SYNOPSIS. Retrieved on June 30, 2010 from, J. (2000). Workplace Conflict: Facts and Figures. Retrieved on July 4, 2010 from (2010). Formulating and Evaluating Public Policy. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MMPBL/540-Conflict Management website.Smith, A., & Smock, D. R. (2008). Managing a Mediation Process. Peacemaker's Toolkit. United States Institute of Peace PressWilmot, W., & Hocker, J. (2007). Interpersonal Conflict. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.