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7th November
The piece was inspired by Pachelbel's Canon in D major. This piece was a string quartet consisting of 2 violins, viola and a cello. It was successfully in harmonizing with pleasant notes and a imitation structure to it. However, i took note of that score with its simple usage notes consisting of quavers and minims. Of which creates very simple and effective melodies. Another note of is usage of passing notes and steps.
Represented on the right, the first 8 bars consisted of
narrow range on the violins. The last bars have notes that are phrased like an arpeggio.
In addition, Inspiration for this composition was also from a piece called Appalachian Spring by Aaron Springfield. The piece however had much simpler usage of notes, with a sustained tone colour with a piano texture. This allows me to focus on not making the piece over complex but simple, easy to read and effective.
12th November:
I begin to take some notes for my composition. There were a few elements of the comp of which began to process. The first aspect of the composition was the chord structure. My intention of the piece is to be split into two different sections, which each section a different chord structure. The first chord structure was: B min, G maj, D maj, A maj. The first section will consist of an estimate of 24 bars, this section is the focus on setting the foundation of the score. By means, each instrument entering per section and building up tension.
The second chord structure aims to be focusing more on the major tonality of the piece: The chord structure for this is: D maj, B min, Amaj, Bmin. I will attempt in this section to focus on the aspect of more sophisticated melodies, in addition to exploring imitation with the instruments hence the concept of a “Canon” of this composition.
Another aspect of the composition that was focused was passing notes. This was achieved on the viola setting as an introduction to the score.
Evaluating from this sample, the viola line of the score consisted of small steps going down through 2 semitones. This simple yet effective viola melody set the foundation of the piece. Additionally, I began plotting notes on the cello line as well placing root notes with semibreves. The semibreves are placed on the bass clef particular on the lower note of the chords( for instance a section is D maj and the cello has a d placed in it) . Thus allows me to work on the composition easier, as well as set a foundation for the chord structure of the composition.
19th November:
There was a progress with the composition in particular with the melody lines and harmonization. I began composing the main melody for the first section of the score. The melody consists of stepping notes in a narrow range. It is a fairly simple melody only using quavers and minims.
I took note from Canon in D major and attempted to achieve an imitation concept to my piece. Noted through the above screenshots were phrases that were repeated over but on a different section...

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