6 Questions To Ask When Buying A Scanner

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Selecting advanced and high quality scanners has never been more important for small businesses than it is today. Scanners not only help offices minimise clutter and get organised, they also support an organisation’s green initiative to go paperless. Hence, it should be considered not just an office equipment, but an investment.
With the wide range of scanners available today, though, it can seem confusing to pick the perfect scanner that fits one’s needs and budget. Thus, before shopping, here are several questions you need to ask first to make sure that you are picking the right scanner.
1. What will you be scanning? Before anything else, identify first the type of media you will be scanning on a regular basis. Will you be scanning mainly text documents, photos, or slides? For a workplace with varied needs, a flatbed scanner is an excellent choice as it is extremely versatile and flexible. For those with special scanning needs, like those in a photography studio for example, a dedicated photo scanner would be ideal since this will ensure that photos will be scanned in the highest resolution. If you would be scanning slides or transparencies, however, then consider film scanners as they usually produce better quality scans than conventional scanners.
2. How much resolution do you need? The amount of resolution you need would also depend on the type of file you are scanning, as well as its purpose. For most office applications, a resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi) is usually more than enough. But if you have to reproduce photos, then it’s advisable to go for scanners with higher resolutions, having at least 600 dpi.
3. Will you be performing high volume scanning jobs frequently? If so, then a scanner’s speed is an essential feature you need to consider. Check how many pages per minute a device is capable of scanning. The faster the speed, the higher the price. But a quality high speed scanner would be well worth the price if you work on large volumes of paper daily. Document feeders are also...

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