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60's Dance Paper

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The Sixties were full of new, radical events including several wars and international conflicts, advanced political views, profound sciences, new technologies and numerous additions to pop culture. Even dance in this revolutionary era was expanded widely. Dance was a large part of the sixties and grew in conjunction with the musical growth in this era.
During the Sixties there were many adaptations of earlier dances as well as new additions. Some of the biggest dance crazes from the Sixties included The Twist, The Mashed Potato, The Swim, The Hitchhike, and The Frug. These playful dances expressed the changing times of the Sixties. During the Sixties the dancing was not too vigorous and was fairly simple. Most Sixties dances consisted of one simple movement repeated continuously. These simple dances are always open to creative addition or even a little freestyling.
The Twist which originated from the song, The Twist, was made popular by Chubby Checker. This song, along with the dance became widely known and popular throughout the whole United States. This dance is fairly simple and contains only one clean movement repeated over and over again. This dance is typically done during the chorus of the song. To do this dance you simply put one leg in front of the other and bend your knees. In this bent position you move your legs back and forth in a twisting motion. Because of its simplicity the dance was very easy to learn and perform.
The Mashed Potato which was danced to Dee Dee Sharp’s, Mashed Potato Time, is another straightforward movement. To accomplish this dance you simply keep your knees together and raise one of your feet to the side of your body. You click your foot twice to your opposite heal, raising your foot in an upward and downward motion. After you click your foot with your opposite heal twice, you repeat the same movement with the opposite...

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