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7 Life Stages In Tantra Essay

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7 life stages of Tantra

Not like Tantra, Hindu mythology or social system has divided the human life in 4 life stages considering the whole life of 100 years they have divided it in 4 life spans or stages. These are First Brahmcharaya meaning celibacy. Up to 25 years of age one should observe celibacy should not indulge in sex life. He/she should study and learn the things and collect knowledge. Second stage is Gristh meaning family life. One should marry produce his progeny raise a family and establish his kids and up to 50 years of age one should live this life. Then after 50 years is the third stage called Van Parasth meaning taking less interest in worldly affairs, he should start retiring from family life and do some social work and live this life up to 75 years and after 75 years of life the fourth stage of life is called Sanyaas meaning going a path of meditation and God realization.
According to my belief Tantra divides a human life in 7 stages each stage is of 14 years time duration. First 14 years in the life of a human being is

In this stage body and mind develops and he start to learn things goes to school for education and learn from his surroundings.

Next stage from 15 years to 28 years is Adulthood…In this stage person is able to make his own decisions. He is able to do many things at his own. Sex is activated in this stage of life and he finds all charms and enjoyment in sex during this life stage. He does not seek and advice from others, wants to do things at his own and learn the life. Next stage is

This stage is from 29 to 42 years. In this life time a human being wants to raise his family. Wants to produce his progeny wants to earn money and create his status in society, wants to be important in society. Next stage from 43 years to 56 years is

Middle years
In this stage of life a person starts looking back on his life, what he has done and what he was able to do. He thinks over his follies or good things in the past. He analyzes his spent life and sometimes he is frustrated what he has done in the past and plans to do in the future. In this stage he is frustrated some times because he sees no future. If a person has done well...

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