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8th Fire: Indigenous In The City Analysis: One Step Forward, One Step Back

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8th Fire: Indigenous in the City, is part of a documentary series that describes the challenges that aboriginal people face when moving to the large cities from reservations. The documentary begins by describing the stereotypes that English Canadians as well as other visible minority groups perceive aboriginal people to be. They show how damaging the stereotypes are to the First Nations, especially in the area of education. The documentary concludes by offering a few some solutions of how to change and improve the relationship between the aboriginal community and the rest of Canada. The two main aspects of the film that I will focus my analysis on is the education system from past to present and the negative impacts it has had on the First Nation’s people as well as aboriginal stereotyping. These two themes were the most prominent topics brought up throughout the film, and while one topic was well argued and framed, the other I will argue was more damaging than educational. I should mention that due to my ethnicity being of aboriginal decent, Métis in particular, I was extremely critical of the film because though these issues need to be addressed publicly, if they are presented in the wrong light, it can cause more negative implications than positives.
Though the film mentioned the impact that residential schools had and still has on the aboriginal people, I felt that this issue needed to be stressed further because the legacy of the schools is still extremely prominent in aboriginal communities today. The film refers to the fact that residential schools harmed the aboriginal people because they were not able to learn their culture, which has resulted in the formation of internalized oppression within in the group. “The combination of failure and abuse led to a massive devaluation of children from their accustomed place in cultural life” (Schissel and Wotherspoon 120), which is now being passed down through the generations. This is an important aspect and I believe needed to be examined and explained in depth, rather than just mentioning the concept of internalized oppression in passing. Internalized oppression is a daily challenge that aboriginal people face. The residential schools failed to take the Indian out of the child, yet it managed to destroyed families by devaluing a cultural, which children became ashamed of. “One of the long-term effects [of internalized oppression] is that members of the minority groups lose a sense of themselves and comes to believe that the stereotype is an accurate description of their true selves (Ruth 158). What the film failed to show is how the aboriginal people now are using this as fuel. The film portrays them to be stuck in a victim role, in which they are unable to escape, rather than showing their progression. Currently, in-group ties are strengthening, and they are fighting the system to receive proper recognition, which are massive strides. The film however, only portrays them to be...

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