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Completed in 1973, an exhibit called the World Trade Center, which is supposed to stand for “world peace through trade”, were two of the tallest buildings in the world. Nine-eleven was arguably the best security advancement to occur in America. It brought new laws, ways to travel, government agencies, and counter-terrorism programs.
David Rockefeller, the grandson of John D. Rockefeller, decided to take on the decision to build the World Trade Centers ("World"). Construction officially began in February of 1967 ("World"). Traditional designs back then were stacked glass and steel box construction, who knew they wanted the building to be different, so they used two hollow tubes supported by closely spaced steel columns encased in aluminum ("World"). The floor trusses connected exterior steel lattice with the central steel core of the building. The “skin” of the building needed to be strong in order to support the internal columns ("World"). To put the steel frame together, they used Australian made “kangaroo” cranes ("World"). They’re self-powered cranes that are powered by diesel motors which hoist themselves up as building grew higher ("World"). More than two-hundred thousand pieces of steel were manufactured around the country in order to construct the buildings ("World"). The end of construction was April 1973 ("World"). The towers stood for how powerful and rich America was.
The day of the attacks was a normal day for citizens. Then, in an instant, everything changed. 19 militants from an Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda decided to carry out a plan to attack America (“9/11 Attacks”). Approximately, at 5:45 A.M. the hijackers passed security clearances, and took off in Flight 11 a few hours later (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). Flight 175 took off, and at 8:19 a crew member of flight 11 named Betty Ong contacted the airline says “I don’t know but I think we’re getting hijacked” (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). A hijacker named Mohammed Atta accidentally contacted air traffic control and said, “We have some planes. Just stay quiet and you will be okay” (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). Next, the air traffic control contacted the military for help (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). Suddenly, Flight 11 crashed into floors 93-99 of the North Tower (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). It killed everyone on board and hundreds of people inside the building (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). President George W Bush was immediately alerted of the incident (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). People in the South Tower started evacuating when they were hit (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). The Secret Service took Vice President Cheney below the White House and into the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, a Cold War-era bunker that sits below the White House (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). Flight 77 crashed into the western side of the Pentagon, killing the 59 people on board, as well as 125 people who were inside the Pentagon (“Interactive 9/11 Timelines”). After...

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