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9/11 Essay

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“The aim for which we were fighting the war was the loftiest, the most overpowering that man can conceive: it was the freedom and independence of our nation”- Adolf Hitler. It is not so different than what one of our leaders would say. How similiar are they? Would they harm their own people to further their agenda, just like Hitler and the Nazi party did? Nine-Eleven was an inside job because history supports these methods of action, terrorists could not of pulled it off without help, and the alleged physical collapse of the towers is illogical.
Governments acting against their people is nothing new to history. Nine-Eleven is not the first time something like this has happened. On Febuary 27 1933, the German house of parliament, the Reichstag, caught fire and burned down. It is believed the Gestapo secret police covered the ground under the Reichstag in gasoline through tunnels. Hitler, later that day, rounded up communists and executed them in front of the building. The day after, Hitler issued the Reichstag Fire Decree which censorsed publications against the nazi party and limited most civil liberties. Hitler then seizes Nazi control of German parliament, passes the Enabling Acts, and begins the invasion of neighboring countries (Loose Change 9/11). In addition, a number of government reports conclude that there was knowledge of a impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, yet this information was withheld. A naval commander stationed in Pearl Harbor said that he needed only one thing in regards to the attack, information. Information that Washington DC had and neglected to give. Information that would have undoubtedly saved countless American lives. America needed an umprovoked attack against itself to have a clear reason to officially declare war. Likewise, on August 4 1964, two American ships report that they were under attack by Vietnamese torpedo boats. President Johnson uses this incident to get approval for a Vietnam invasion. Truth have it, there were no Vietnamese boats, and no US ship was attacked. The Johnson administration deliberately twisted information as a means to enter a war (Prados). A war in which roughly 60000 Americans will die. History shoes that governments will sacrafice their own peoples lives.
The hijackers of 9/11 could not of succeeded without inside help. It is common knowledge that fighter jets are dispatched to unauthorized aircraft that lose radio contact, any Hollywood action movie can show you that. So how did 4 planes on that day all go without interception? NORAD, the defense network responsible for dispatching jets to potential threats, was specifically given a series of war games the day of the attack. These war games included scenerios of planes being hijacked and flown into key buildings, and fighter jets being ordered out of the country. What a coincidence. One of the pilot of the hijackers, Hani Hanjour was an amatuer pilot. He was resposible for flying into the pentagon. If he wanted to committ...

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