9/11 Conspiracy Theory Essay

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9/11 Conspiracy Theory
September 11th, 2001; a day (like Pearl Harbor) that will live in infamy. The day that shook our nation more than a decade ago and whose aftermath still affects us till this day. The day that people remember distinctly, and those too young to fathom the atrocity still knew that damage had been done. Not only the US, but the world was silenced by the images that were being displayed on their TV screens. A day that took everyone by shock; or so we think. When the US government confidently told the millions upon millions of concerned citizens that it was a surprise terrorist attack, we believed them. And why wouldn't we? It had never crossed our mind that it could have been anything but a brutal attack on the US by some foreign power. The government said Al Qaeda and we complied. It was only years later that skeptics voiced their opinion; that the world listened to other theories besides the only one the government had told us. The idea of 9/11 being a conspiracy, that the US planned the attacks, gained popularity. Theories upon theories came out to the public and more and more people began to listen, more and more people became applauded. The patterns exist, and so do the conspiracies. The decision, however, is entirely up to you.

Air Force was unable to reach the planes before they hit their destination because they had been told to stand down prior to the event

Airplanes could not have made the towers collapse in a straight, downward motion unless bombs had been implanted and had been set off

People inside building during the time of the attack had said that they heard explosions going off

US Government claimed that heat and fire caused the building to collapse after the impact of the plane but this is not possible because of the fact that the building was made of sustainable metal and fire and heat can not make a building with tons and tons of metal fall to the ground in such a short amount of time. There had to have been another source of demolition that caused the building to fall in the amount and time that it did and the way it did.

No one could have had access to the towers and could have implanted bombs besides people who were authorized to (such as government officials)

A fake video of Osama Bin Laden had gone viral after the attack in which he claimed...

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