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The Glass House On September 10, 2001, Americans were going about their daily routines and feeling completely secure. Americans felt that their government was going to protect them. The average American is concerned with what is happening in their own life and the lives of the people around them. This average person is concerned with what is going on at work, where they will be going out to dinner that weekend, how cool it would be to have that shiny new car down at the car lot. I was one of these people. September 11, 2001 started out just like any other day for me. I was not particularly interested in getting up for work and wished that I could sleep a little bit longer. I got up and roused my kids. I always turn on Fox News in the morning to kind of see what is going on in the world and...BAM! It looked liked something out of a movie. It had to be some kind of special effect shot for a movie that was being made. Nothing like this could happen in my country. We are too strong. Who would dare be stupid enough to do something like this to us? This does not happen to America on our own soil. This happens in Beirut or Israel, not here. Then the second plane hit. I felt a fear that I have never known before. America was under attack. But who would be crazy enough to do something like this? This was different than the Oklahoma City bombing. I cannot explain why I felt it was different. Then the news of the Pentagon being hit came across the news. My fear shifted to something new. I was beginning to feel anger. This is my country! I was ready to get my gun and go to battle to defend my neighborhood against these aggressors. But, I restrained myself and took my kids to school and went on to work. That day was surreal to me. I owned to retail stores and was usually tied up dealing with day to day business. It is unusual for a few minutes to go by without a customer coming in to do some business. That day neither location saw one single person. I was glued to the television. I wanted my president to come onto the screen and tell me it was going to be all right. I had never really felt that political before September 11th. I had never really given much thought to whom were running things. I watched our president go down to ground zero and hug that fireman. I watched him and listened to him give the speech to Congress shortly after the attack. I had a feeling in my stomach that could only be described as immense pride and severe admiration for this man. It seemed that everyone was putting aside his or her petty differences and becoming united. President George W. Bush has brought honor and dignity back to the office of the President. I am not trying to make a political statement here. I had not up to that point ever really thought or cared who was in the government. I thought they were all crooks and were out to get into my pocket. September 11th changed my life. I saw in George Bush the type of man that I wanted...

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