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99 Cent Cheeseburgers And The Hidden Immigration Costs Associated With It

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We could all associate some of our childhood and even teenage years memories to a cheeseburger. Without getting too specific, most of us have at some point seen a McDonald’s TV ad, been to one of their kid's playgrounds, or eaten their famous cheeseburgers at any of their multiple locations. We could say the same thing about some other well known franchises such us Burger King, Jack in the box, or Wendy's, to name a few. Yet have you ever wondered what the real cost of a 99 cent burger is? What if I told you that by indulging in one of those burgers, you are aiding in part to the hiring and also in some form, the exploitation/slaving of undocumented immigrant workers as well. Furthermore, ...view middle of the document...

Agricultural of course, since most restaurants, not only fast food ones, require the essential vegetables such as lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and of course the meat. How did this happen? When did we start relying on foreign workers to handle these jobs traditionally handled by American farmers, American cattle ranchers and American meat butchers. Why do people complaint so much about illegal immigration when all of us in some way are in part responsible for it? How did we let it get this bad? And is it really worth the price? Unfortunately the devil is in the details.
In his book “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, we learn that in the 1980’s order to satisfy the demand for cheap burgers, and to keep their products uniform, giants like McDonalds aided in the creation/consolidation of large national packing plants such as ‘Tyson, Cargill, Swift & Co, and the National Beef Packing Company” (Schlosser FFN pg. 157) . These companies in their quest to maximize profits and speed production, applied some same techniques the “McDonald brothers” introduced to fast food restaurants back in the 1960’s The “Speedy Service System” (Schlosser FFN pg. 41) as it was called, consisted of non-skilled workers performing one single job repeatedly throughout an entire work day with no other skills required. Unlike today, meatpacking workers were respected employees back in the 1950's and 60's. Meat butchers were highly trained well remunerated, based on the hard job they had to perform. In 1960 "Jobs at the Monfort Slaughterhouse were among the highest paying in Greeley, and there was a long waiting list of people seeking work at the plant. Greeley became a company town, dominated by the Monfort family and ruled with a compassionate paternalism" (Schlosser FFN pg. 151). This was a golden era for the meatpacking industry, and era when employers treated their workers with dignity and employees were proud of the work they performed knowing the appreciation they received was sincere.
This era unfortunately came to an end at the hands of a new industry, one that re-shaped the entire food industry, and one that caused the demise of an American staple such as meat butchers, meat packing workers, cattle ranchers, etc. The idea of having non-unionized, non-experts, minimum wage, immigrant workers that could barely speak English meat processing workers instead of traditionally well paid and highly skilled “meat butchers”, proved too much to resist for these companies. Schlosser tells us that “Today, roughly two-thirds of the workers at the beef plant in Greeley cannot speak English. Most of them are Mexican immigrants who live in places like the River Park Mobile Court, a collection of battered old trailers a quarter-mile down the road the slaughterhouse” (Schlosser FFN pg. 160). To better contrast and compare the current conditions, we could take a look at wages; Schlosser writes “The basic pay at the slaughterhouse is now $9.25 an hour. Adjusted for inflation,...

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