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992words.Miscommunication Between Men And Women. Includes Book Pages For Sources Using Writing The World:(Cooper And Mac Donald). Includes Authors Deborah Tannen And Senta Troemel Ploetz

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Miscommunication between Men and WomenThroughout the world men and women have difficulties communicating with each other for many reasons. There have been many books published to try to explain the misunderstandings of communication, some with far fetched ideal reasons and others with logical explanations. Although these books where written with the same concept in mind, not all of them agree with each other. Take for instance Deborah Tannen and Senta Troemel-Ploetz. Tannen believes that the reason for miscommunication between the sexes is because men and women grow up in two different cultures, whereas Troemel-Ploetz believes that the miscommunication is caused from a difference in power.Deborah Tannen is a linguistics (a researcher of human speech and language) professor who is known for some of her best selling books about language and communication (pp 8). In Deborah Tannens essay "Put Down That Paper and Talk to Me!" Rapport-Talk and Report-Talk, Tannen talks about the conversational behaviors of men and women and what reasons may cause the miscommunication link between them."More men feel comfortable doing "public speaking," while more women feel comfortable doing "private" speaking. Another way of capturing these differences is by using the terms report-talk and rapport-talk." (Cooper and MacDonald 10)Tannen says that the primary conversational language among women is rapport "a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships." (pp 10) whereas the primary conversational language among men is report (public speaking) "talk is primarily a means to preserve independence and negotiate and maintain status in a hierarchical social order."(10) Tannens main argument was that conversation among the sexes was cross-cultural because they grew up in two different cultures. She also believed that as adults they would learn communication skills as children, therefore men usually took all the power. Tannen also continued to go on about how men didn't understand and how they were insensitive and lacked trying, and that what women need to do is adjust to the way men are.Men and women have two different conversational styles, trying to resolve a problem with a good objective in mind might make the situation worse because of the difference in conversational style. Take, for example, communication at home. Most men feel freedom at home because talking is not required there, whereas in public it is almost a necessity. Yet for women the home is the best place for talk and is much needed. They feel they can completely express themselves with the subsiding fear of being judged by the public eye. Men and women want to improve their communication and their relationships so they turn to the millions of self-help books written (like those of Deborah Tannen's) in hope of finding a solution.With every author that comes out with these communications help books, comes another person to criticize the way the author thinks and to help people who read them to...

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