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The Learning Organization To Strength Skills In Businesses

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In current world, continuous improvement and learning has become part of everyone’s life. Especially people who are professionals a working in some organization are constantly in need to re-fresh their knowledge base, so as to remain relevant with progressing time. Organizations are equally aware of this need, that’s why they continuously work towards facilitating an environment where an employee or member of that organization can continue learning and enable its transformation through knowledge enhancement. Such organization which facilitates such environment are termed as Learning Organization.
Concept of learning organization has originated out of sheer need to tackle the ever-growing competitive market and struggle to remain relevant with advancement. Hence organization transforms itself into a learning organization more out of requirement to face other competitor or organization and compete with them on equal grounds in an extremely volatile business environment. Learning Organization concept was basically termed by research of Peter Senge and his colleagues (Senge, 1991).The core idea behind this concept is to enable an organization towards interconnected thought process further enabling an organization to work more like a community to which an employee can feel committed to. And it is assumed that an employee is more hard working and productive when he is committed to an organization.
Need of a Learning Organization

No organization automatically becomes a learning organization. There are several underlying factors which triggers subtle change over the time in a normal organization eventually progressing them towards becoming a learning organization. With passage of time, a specific organization tends to stagnate in terms of new learning and continue with their routine activities towards achieving the business objective. Many times it happens that such organization encounter some issue in their day to day operations, for such problems often the proposed solution is only short term without much learning involved, leading to high probability of occurrence of that same problem in near future.
Also in order to remain competitive in business environment, many organizations over the time have restructured them leading to reduction in number of employee who work for them. Hence it becomes logical that with less number of resources, objective to achieve is still large, pushing employees to work more productively. In order to take a competitive advantage, organizations need to continuously analyze and assess their knowledge about the business environment and accordingly make their strategies.

In order to be responsive to the competition, it becomes critical to be in learning mode. Learning might be about business scenario, skill upgrade of employees or anything which can enhance the competitiveness of the organization against the market competitors. To be in such situation, organization needs cooperation between their...

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