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Analysis Of Red, Green, And Murder

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Red, Green, or Murder
In Posadas County, New Mexico, a retired sheriff by the name of Bill Gastner gets caught in thing that he would have never thought. He knows two things about humans - most criminals aren’t as smart as they think they are and humans are highly predictable. Gastner was suppose to have lunch with George Payton but instead he found himself racing to meet up with an ambulance because his neighbor Dale Torrance lands on the wrong side of his horses hoofs. Returning from the hospital Gastner learns that Payton was found dead by his son-in-law after only taking a few bites of his lunch from Don Juan Onate restaurant.
Although everyone thought that since Payton was elderly and his health was failing that it was a natural death, undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman treats it as a crime scene. She collected Paytons lunch as evidence, including spilled wine on the floor and the cup he drank from. Somethings caused suspicions.
The chiles at first look guilty: instead of fresh green chiles sliced and seedless, the dish is covered in canned chopped chiles with seeds. Maybe it was an allergic reaction, they thought. The chiles could have caused a heart attack. It turns out that his death was anything but natural. But that wasn’t the only suspecting she had.
As it turns out Pat Gabaldon, a cowpuncher for the H-Bar-T who stepped in to help in Torrances situation, disappears, the trailer, and the truck Torrance had. The rest of the cattle were found roaming the highway. Gasterner knows that even if Gabaldon planned to sell the truck he wouldn’t have left the horses behind. Then the truck is reported crossing the border with two people in it and none of them are Gabaldon.
Dale Torrance didn’t seem to be in the clear zone either. They finally found out the Gorge Payton had been poisoned and some of the solution used was found on the hose that had fallen down on Torrance. Some of the pieces to this puzzle had seem to fit together now. Torrance had went to poison Paytons food then when trying to escape, to form an alibi, one of the horses in the trailer had smelled...

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