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Ain´T I A Women?: Sojourner Truth´S Speech On Women´S Rights

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Ain’t I a Woman?
Sojourner Truth delivered a speech that is commonly known as “Ain’t I a Woman?” in extemporaneous way at a women’s convention in 1851. Sojourner Truth delivered this speech after obtaining her freedom, which made her to be renowned as an anti-slavery speaker. The publicity of Sojourner Truth because of the speech was attributed to the fact that it was delivered during the Civil War in the United States. While this speech was not initially known through any title, it was reported in two newspapers. Notably, the speech was given this title when Frances Gage published a different version of it mainly because of the often repeated question. As a result, Gage’s publication became the most recorded version across various history books. Generally, the speech focused on evaluating the impact of sexism and racism that black women were subjected to, the history of the feminist movements, and the civil rights movements. In essence, the short and simple speech became and continues to act as a standard expression of the rights of women because it was a powerful rebuke to the then anti-feminist arguments while making her to become a symbol of strong women.
The author of the speech, Sojourner Truth, was born into slavery in the state of New York as Isabella Baumfree i.e. after Baumfree, her father’s owner (Lewis par, 1). During her lifetime, Truth was sold several times and married Thomas while owned by John Dumont family in Ulster County. Thomas who she had five children with was one of the slaves owned by Dumont’s family. Even though the New York law emancipated all slaves in 1827, Isabella Baumfree had already left her husband and run away with their youngest child to work with Isaac Van Wagenen’s family. After experiencing a religious conversion, she moved to New York City and joined a Methodist perfectionist commune where she was under the influence or leadership of Mathias, a religious prophet. This commune disintegrated several years later...

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