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The Unexpected Visitor: A Narrative Fiction

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The Unexpected Visitor
It was a rainy night. The dark clouds blocked the moon light from hitting the ground. Down on Earth, the Evergreens and other plants and trees shook violently in the wind. The rain water from above crashed onto them violently. The ground was covered with leaves and broken branches, barely visible during a night like this. There was also a great amount of fog throughout the woods. The huge mountains in the East were barely visible from here. There was a small town nearby, just across the road. The small trees around the houses were being illuminated by the faint lights of the lanterns that were put outside. Everything was silent, for it was late at night.
There was a sudden chill in the air, much colder than normal. There was a dark figure behind the trees, as if it was waiting for somebody. And then it raised its head and stared at the house in front of it. It was wearing a hooded cloak, with its face hidden in the darkness. Only two dark red eyes were visible. It lifted its right hand and there was an immediate boom in the air. The thunder had started, and the rain had turned into a blizzard of water. It was there for a few moments, and in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

The windows started to shake, slowed down, and shook again. The trees’ branches and twigs were scraping against them. The doors were locked, and the windows sealed shut. The wooden floor would creak every time someone walked over it. The house had one kitchen, two bedrooms, one living room, two baths, and one attic. The owner of the house, Connor Kurt, lay sleeping in the bedroom on the second floor. He was a tall man with dark black eyebrows and a long face. His body was very muscular and had big round eyes. His nose was very pointy. His moustache was filled with dust. His black hair was all curled up. He was wearing a white shirt and brown jeans. All was well.
Yep, all was well. He was sleeping peacefully until he heard a bloodcurdling scream and a loud crashing sound. He was half asleep when he stood up suddenly. He stumbled, but managed to get back up. He picked up his gun from the side of his bed, and walked slowly towards his window. He looked out, but there was nothing there; the road was clear.
“Hmm! It was nothing. Probably a bunch of wolves,” he said to himself in his deep voice.
There was some scratching noise outside of his room, and he walked angrily to open the door. He looked out; all the lights were off. He switched them on and saw the black figure standing a few feet in front of him. He accidently switched off the light, and realized his mistake. He turned the lights back on. There was nothing there.
“I must be seeing things!” he exclaimed.
Connor heard a woman’s voice call out his name.
“Connor, help me! Someone! Please! Help!” said a bloodcurdling voice.
He walked further into the room and tried to keep his eyes open. Everything was where it was supposed to be. He checked the kitchen. Nothing. He checked the...

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