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A Analysis Of The Story "The Red Convertable". Was Done For Colleg English 102

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Beyond the Things We ShareEmotional bonds can be visible or exist unseen. Sometimes we keep tangible keepsakes in memory of deceased loved ones to hold on to the bond that once existed, and sometimes we let go of those items, discard them, as a symbol to demonstrate the disconnection of the bond we once shared. In the story the "Red Convertible" written by Louis Erdrich, Henry, and Lyman share a special bond which is their love, care, and sense of responsibility toward each other; this is demonstrated throughout the story in the way they use their favorite toy, "The Red Convertible." In this car they take trips, spend a whole summer together, and enjoy each others company. "The Red Convertible" which serves as a symbol explains their relationship, togetherness and at the end "the disconnection" of their bond.The brothers are out of a job when they decide to get a ride to Winnipeg where they see the "Red Convertible," and both fall instantly in love with the car. Without thinking much, they purchase the vehicle together. In doing so, both take on the responsibility to take care of it. They commit themselves to the consequences, which might be maintaining costs of their beloved toy. The action of buying the car explains their togetherness and their willingness to share responsibility. Both are in charge to keep it in shape. Purchasing the vehicle together, also demonstrates how the brothers feel; they feel obligated and equally responsible to take care of each other, just like they take care of the car.It almost seems like the brothers live in a kind of symbiosis relationship; one cannot exist without the other. Things change. When Henry leaves his home to go to the war, he gives Lyman his set of car keys and states, "Now it's yours" (Erdrich 506). The gesture of giving Lyman the keys expresses the anticipated disconnection they have through the "Red Convertible". Henry will not be able to share togetherness with Lyman nor driving the car while he is away. Lyman loves his brother and since they are not together at this time, Lyman denies himself the enjoyment of driving the vehicle on his own. Lyman puts the car on a ramp. However, without Henry, Lyman feels incomplete, only half a person, and he cannot bring himself to drive the car without his brother accompanying him. He never takes the car for a ride during Henry's absence; their bond is temporarily disconnected.The brothers actions display the love and the togetherness they feel toward each other...

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