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A Aretty Bad Valentine Essay

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It was Valentines Day and Phillip was sitting in his room playing on his Xbox. Phillip didn’t really have any friends because he had just moved from Oklahoma to North Carolina. His father had gotten a raise from his job, but if he wanted to keep it, he would have to move. Philip was at first very thrilled about moving, but soon he realized all the things he would miss. There would be no snow days, no snow wars, and he would lose all the friends he had. “Oh well, I guess everyone needs a little bit of change in their life.” He would constantly tell himself.
He was in the middle of an online game when his parents told him lunch was ready. He wasn’t all too hungry, but he knew if he didn’t go eat now his parents would start yelling at him to go eat. He left the match and went to go eat lunch. He ate as quickly as he could to try and avoid the “How do you like it here?” conversation he knew his parents would bring up. He was able to avoid talking for too long because he was busy stuffing his face with food. He finished, asked to be excused, and went back up to his room.
If only his parents knew how much he hated this place. He had only been here for a few weeks and it seemed like every one was a stuck up snob or just an extremely hateful person. He went downstairs and walked out the door telling his parents he was going to go take a look around the rest of the private neighborhood. He walked down the street occasionally taking glances at the houses around him. They all seemed the same, although they were actually very different, the only thing the houses had in common were the colors. Each house was beige with white, round supports on the porch.
Before he knew it he was outside of the private community. He turned around to go back how and he saw another kid around his age walking up to him. He thought about what he should do when the unfamiliar person shouted out "Hey!" He looked around and decided that there was plenty of room to run if he needed and then he asked the kid who he was. They had a short conversation and they discovered that they were both new to the area and...

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