A Bachelors Degree Should Be Standard For Nurses

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One of the biggest obstacles of nursing is transitioning from the publics view of them being a vocation rather than a profession. The leading factor in this perception is the inability to define what a nurse is and what their job entails. The nursing community could put an end to not being perceived as a profession by putting into practice a set of standards. The biggest standard is implementing a baccalaureate degree as the entry level of practice. With the ability to define the starting position, you move away from a scattered perception of who a nurse is and begin to pinpoint exact qualities a nurse has to do their job.
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It will also grant the nurses more credibility and respect having gone through more schooling.
The next level of business that needs to change to help the cause is the the NCLEX-RN. It is a requirement to pass this exam to become a registered nurse. Both the associates and bachelor degrees can take this exam upon completing their appropriate programs. The exam given is the same for both programs. This is a problem because it gives the perception that the bachelors degree is teaching the same thing as the associates degree. If the students from the associates degree can take and pass the same exam as the students from the bachelors to become registered nurses, it insinuates the wrong idea that the students from both programs are the like minded.
There is a major difference between the two degrees in what they do to provide knowledge for their appropriate students. The bachelors program has more of a liberal arts exposure in the course of studies. As stated on page 550 of the article Eighty Percent by 2020: The Present and Future of RN-to-BSN Education it demonstrates that “ADN programs do no include courses or clinical experiences in leadership or management and community or public health nursing and they typically don’t include courses in nursing research or health assessment and health appraisal” (McEwen, Pullis, White, & Krawtz, 2013). Associate degree students lack education that is beneficial to become leaders and simulate a greater deal of independence and responsibility. Therefor, to allow the exam to neglect the education the bachelor students receive does not allow them to be tested on their diverse education. To show this differentiation between the two degrees, the NCLEX-RN should be strictly for students who passed a bachelors program. The NCLEX-RN should be set to higher standards that will help examine these particular students for the characteristics that set them apart from the associates degree.
Nurses need to be the ones to drive nursing to be identified as a profession. They are the key ingredients to helping define what a nurse is and how they are a profession. Without wanting to increase their own personal standards,...

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