A Balance Between Their Religion And Their Poetry

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There are moments in life which cause us to question our beliefs, that is something which has not changed between now and the time in which John Donne and George Herbert lived their lives. Except in the 1500’s thru early 1600’s there has been upheaval and transformations in the church and country; events that we have never truly experienced and in all likely hood will never have to experience. Each of the previously mentioned writers of poetry has a unique style of their own; however, their lines contain moments when they question the faith they have in their religion. For Donne it is based out of family differences in religion and the turmoil he saw the country in as he grew, and for Herbert who grew up knowing Donne, it is wither he is worthy and why God chose him to write the words to open others minds to the word of God.
“Donne’s conception of God as a ‘metaphysical’ poet, as well as violence in his own metaphors, cannot be understood in isolation from the intellectual history of his age” (Rudnysky 186). John Donne’s life, at least the path he took in court and school, resembles that of Thomas Moore, who in a strange twist, is a relative of Donne’s mother. Donne was raised in a Catholic family from the gentry class at a time in which they faced religious prosecution, and some within that family viewed his later conversion to the Church of England as a betrayal to his heritage. There is a time in his life, in which, he lives a life of leisure due to an inheritance; these years are viewed as his “Jack Donne” phase. During this phase he did what any young bachelor would do. He then proceeded to enter into a secret marriage which destroyed him for a while causing him to return to practicing law. He then uses this time and enters the “John Donne” phase, which is when he writes his Holy Sonnets, and we as readers truly see his struggle with his religion. This may stem from the idea that Donne believed, “in all Christian professions there is a way to salvation,” and that while he could change his religion he would never be completely free from his old views (Strier 357). This was expressed in a letter in which Donne wrote, “You shall seldom see a Coyne, upon which the stampe were not removed, though to imprint it better, but it looks awry and squint” (Strier 357).However, to truly understand the struggle Donne faced, you must look to his poems which express his view that, “being a Christian in the seventeenth century was a peculiarly complex fate” (Strier 360).
Donne’s “Holy Sonnets,” contains a strange mix of praise and violence, unlike anything else seen before Donne. Donne’s sonnets do seem to contain the ideals of religious writing at this time which expressed a “petition to God, the logical examination of a specified religious situation, and the pouring of devotion” which were viewed as a constant cycle in religious life (Stachniewski 679). You can also see the effect of doubting on Donne which may have caused him to pick subjects such as...

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