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A Basic Assessment Of Hildegard Peplau's Theory

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By giving nurses a sense of identity, nursing theory can help patients, managers and other healthcare professionals to recognize the unique contribution that nurses make to the healthcare service (Draper 1990).Hildegard Peplau, one of the role model of nursing theorist, established a theory of interpersonal relationships in nursing. Her reason is the goal of the nurse-client relationship is to give a quality nursing care moving forward to health promotion and maintenance. The purpose of this paper is to conduct a basic assessment of her theory.
Theory Vs conceptual model
It is important to first define theory and conceptual model in order to classified Pepau’s theory. Karlowicz K. A. states : “Theories are composed of concepts, definitions, models, propositions and assumptions that, when organized, offer a systematic view of a phenomenon (an observable fact or event) that is descriptive, explanatory & predictive, and directive in nature. In the other hand, conceptual model is a set of concepts with propositions that describe their interrelationships, and set forth basic assumptions of the model’( Karen A. Karlowicz handout Pg 1). Base on the previous definition, the theory of interpersonal relationships in nursing fit more the concept of theory than model conceptual. Moreover, it meets the criterion of significance, internal consistency, parsimony and testability. This set of criteria is important for evaluation of theory
Purpose, key concepts & definition?
The purpose of Pepau’s theory of interpersonal relationships in nursing is to focus on nurse-patient relationship and identify different roles nurse take when caring for patient. Consensus exist that theories are made up of ideas called concept and statement about the concept, called proposition (king & Fawcett 1997). The keys concepts are based on Pepau definition of people, environment, health and nursing. According to Pepau the goal of nursing is to help the patient find their felt problem. The nurse and patient work together therefore they develop relationship between each other’s. These two individuals with common aim have interpersonal relation. Nursing is therapeutic in that it is a healing art, assisting an individual who is sick or in need of health care ( Pepau 1952). Nurse plays several roles in this relationship. As a resource person, nurse gives adequate information that help patient understanding of issues. As a counselor: a nurse helps patient to incorporate the sense of current life change event, and provides advice for change. Nurse plays role of leader by making sure patient undertakes maximum engagement to achieve treatment goals.
Can the theory be followed?
Marx (1976) declared: “if there is no way of testing a theory, it is scientifically worthless, no matter how plausible, imaginative or innovative it may be”. Several research guided by theory of interpersonal relation were done....

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