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A Basic Marketing Strategy And Marketing Mix

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Netgear designs mechanically advanced networking products that address the specific needs of small and medium business and home users. Netgear's MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player features an antenna to enable a wireless connection to the home computer and then connects to the audio input jacks of any stereo system at the other end. It organizes a digital library of MP3 and Windows Media music by using the customers' accessible files for artist, album, and song list to combined music from all the computers on the network into a solitary database. Consumers can use the MP101's remote control to select the specific song from any PC and send it straight to the stereo speakers.This specific music player from Netgear can play songs from a legal online music service, Real Player's Rhapsody which requires a $9.95 a month subscription after the free thirty day trial. The MP101 also can connect to hundreds of radio stations around the world via Vtuner, which offers a 60-day free trial before asking for a one-time fee of $20 (Microsoft, 2004). This incredible piece of equipment costs $149 and has all the information included for the operating of the device to its most excellent capability. Overall Netgear's wireless media player lets all music devotees enjoy a household experience from the comfort of their favorite lounging spot.The customers targeted by Netgear are from the middle class society that is to some extent secluded from the uneasy expenses of superior corporations. The MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player is for the individuals who are infatuated with music that do not have the time or money to sit in front of their computers and burn compact discs. The sleek and easy-to-install product is specifically for the people who are not skilled with the extremes of the hi-tech world. The design of the product makes the buyer feel more at ease with purchasing it. They feel that their contribution is for the good of the economy and not for a stingy profit demanding company. The Netgear Company places their customers' needs...

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1531 words - 6 pages (14th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill Irwin.Mindtools. (1996-2014). The Marketing Mix and 4P's. Retrieved April 28, 2014 from Mindtools: (2014). About Partylite. Retrieved April 28, 2014 from Partylite:, W. J., Cannon, J., & McCarthy, E. (2011). Basic Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.The

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1261 words - 5 pages IntroductionA marketing mix is the controllable variable the company puts together to satisfy a target group. ( Perreault, 2004) Marketing mix is also a concept that summarizes the basic elements of effective implementation of the fundamental variables of marketing. The strategy chosen by the organization is followed through to the customer. These fundamental elements are commonly referred to as the Four P's. Properly covering each of these

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1224 words - 5 pages Walmart's Marketing Mix PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 5 Running head: WALMART'S MARKETING MIXWalmart's Marketing MixUniversity of PhoenixWalmart's Marketing MixFour elements are integral factors in the marketing mix. These four elements, or otherwise known as the "four P's," of a marketing mix are product, place, price and promotion. This paper will discuss what the "four P's" of marketing entail. The paper will also discuss Walmart, a retail giant, and

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1032 words - 4 pages Marketing Mix Marketing Mix Through the marketing strategy businesses are able to depict what customers they wish to supply. When the marketing strategy is classified the business then puts together a strategy plan. There are four sets of tools called the marketing mix that businesses use to implement the marketing strategy. The following tools are: product, place, price, and promotion. About the Organization In the

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1503 words - 6 pages mix, but rather to build a marketing strategy that is around the customer. This helps to put the target group at the focus of the strategy and to create a campaign that will influence, motivate, and persuade the target group.Product is the first component of the marketing mix. This requires the organization, or the marketing manager to create the right product that will be desired by the targeted consumer. This can be a service as well as a

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1387 words - 6 pages , “…the firm must take steps to satisfy [the customers] needs” (Kerin, Hartley, & Rudelius, 2009 p. 13). The basic concept of the marketing mix is to focus on what customers want and to keep customers satisfied. Although the marketing mix is a unique way to market a product or service, satisfying the consumers’ needs and wants is every marketer’s main goal. Aspects of the Marketing Mix The best way to define a market is to recognize the needs and

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936 words - 4 pages Marketing Mix PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2 Marketing MixThrough the marketing strategy businesses are able to depict what customers they wish to supply. When the marketing strategy is classified the business then puts together a strategy plan. There are four sets of tools called the marketing mix that businesses use to implement the marketing strategy. The following tools are: product, place, price, and promotion.About the OrganizationIn the

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1496 words - 6 pages department at Sonic releases three product recommendations, low, mid, and high price points. In addition, Sonic also uses an outside marketing agency to assist franchisees with pricing menu items according to the demographics of their trade area while taking into account the pricing of local competitors.In closing, a successful marketing strategy must be equipped with an effective marketing mix where marketers have taken the product, place

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1002 words - 4 pages the year 1964. Bordon first started using the phrase back in 1949. Borden claims the phrase came to him while reading James Culliton's description of the activities of a business executive. There are four basics components involved in the marketing mix. The four basic components are product, place, promotion, and price. The first component of the marketing mix is the product which one wishes to market. The product section of the marketing

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1177 words - 5 pages marketing mix will put an organization on the road toward success and profitability.References:Airliners. (2006). Passenger Survey. Retrieved January 9, 2006 from, G & Kotler, P. Marketing: An Introduction, Seventh Edition. (2005). New York: Prentice Hall.Kotler, P & Keller, K. Marketing Management, Twelfth Edition. (2006). New York: Prentice Hall.McCarthy, E.J. & Perreault, W.D. Basic Marketing: A Global Managerial Approach. (2002). New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies.McCarthy, E.J. & Perreault, W.D. Marketing: Principles and Perspectives, Fourth Edition. (2004). New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies

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1773 words - 7 pages New products and new services offered by any company demand an overall marketing strategy to ensure the utmost success. A company's marketing plan should not stop there, however. The next step companies should take towards completing their marketing plan is to plan the details of the marketing mix. The marketing mix, or the 4 P's of marketing, are "the variables that marketing managers can control in order to best satisfy customers in the target

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858 words - 3 pages To have a successful business, a marketing strategy and marketing mix is a necessity. The strategic plan defines the company's overall mission and objectives. Armstrong, /Koller marketing: an introduction. Pp.53 In plain and simple terms, marketing activities and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers while making profits for the companies that offer those products

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935 words - 4 pages , marketing mix is the most essential part of a marketing strategy of Interface. With the implementation of the 4P’s of marketing mix, Interface will make efficient marketing tactics and strategies for its success. For instance, the Interface can let its customers lease its carpets for seven years before buying them. This should include removal services at very attractive prices. They should also allow their customers to lease the products for longer

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1176 words - 5 pages continue to satisfy those needs. This can be established in steps which include analysis of the situation to identify opportunities, the marketing strategy that is formulated, the decisions regarding the marketing mix, and the implementation of a plan.At this point, the best opportunity is identified; a marketing plan for pursuing the opportunity can be developed. Market research will provide specific marketing information that will allow the firm to

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2919 words - 12 pages described as a paradigm shift. Marketing researchers have been passionately convinced about the paradigmatic nature of marketing mix management and the Four P model. To challenge marketing mix management as the basic foundation for all marketing thinking has been as heretic as it was for Copernicus to proclaim that the earth moved. The purpose of this report is to discuss the nature and consequences of the dominating marketing paradigm of today