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“Right” and “wrong” are such ambiguous terms and can only be personally defined by an individual’s beliefs and values. It is said that our values are defined predominately by our upbringing, but what if it is more neurologically ingrained than we had perceived? Doctor Roger Wolcott Sperry, neurophysiologist, won the Nobel Prize in 1981 for his discoveries concerning the functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres, in which he studied the cognitive effects caused by severing the longitudinal fissure that divides the two hemispheres of the brain. In the region of the longitudinal fissure, neural tissue, known as the corpus callosum, connects the two hemispheres of the brain and ...view middle of the document...

Our world is constantly evolving; but with every change, new issues arise. Science sets out to present practical solutions to the world’s issues. From the beginning of time the issue of providing food for the population has remained a top priority. Food is one of life’s few necessities— contrary to popular belief. With our ever increasing population, throughout history society has had to develop new methods and technologies to sustain the communities. From the shovel, to the canal, to the tractor and now genetically modified organisms, humans have had to use their ingenuity to develop new agricultural technologies. Our world has constantly faced starvation and famine, but science and technology have always been there to lessen the burden.
The “unknown” has always been something we are taught to be fearful of. For everyone who has a good idea, there is another to tell them it is rubbish. When new science is discovered, it makes many weary because the possible implications of these newfound discoveries could alter life as they know it. Rather than attempt to understand many people’s initial instinct is to shun any new discoveries or ways of thinking; the latter is probably the most terrifying because many are set in their ways and do not want to change their way of thinking. We claim to be open-minded, but all open-mindedness really entails is that we hear the idea out, not accept its plausibility.
Despite all the negativity, there are those whose curiosity is insatiable. Upon talking to Dr. Dean Hung, a local geneticist, I realized that the real recipe for new technology is not just the issue, but the incentive as well. Yes, it is true a solution needs start with an issue, but it is clear throughout the novel that the people in Jimmy’s life are driven by incentive. While Jimmy is visiting Crake at Watson-Crick, Crake shows Jimmy the ChickieNob experiment that the students were going to make a fortune from. The women giving the tour explains the benefits of the headless chicken experiment, “No need for added growth hormones... the high growth rate’s built in.. chicken breasts in two weeks – that’s a three-week improvement on the most efficient… high-density chicken operation so far devised. And the animal-welfare freaks won’t be able to say a word, because this thing feels no pain,” (Atwood 203). Not only does the ChickieNobs experiment consider the supply and demand aspect of the issue, but the experiment even attempted to devise a component that eliminated the brain. what would have otherwise been considered torture is now simply grown like a plant organism. Plants don’t think, therefore they can’t feel; everyone...

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