A Beast Attack Essay

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The two girls stood in the middle of the living room of the old farmhouse facing the front door.
The older one stood about two feet in front of her sister holding the gun out in front of her, her arms shaking from the weight and adrenaline.
They could hear the beast on the porch its claws clacking on the wood planks as it made its way closer to the door. The beast burst through the sending splinters of wood flying through the room.
Scanning the room the creature locked instantly on the two girls and lunged itself through the air at them.
The flash of the gun reflected in its dark eyes.
She hit the ground hard the beast’s massive head pinning her to the floor.
It looked something like a cross between a wolf and a bear with what looked like two giant rat tails about three feet long protruding out of each side of its neck.
She wasn’t sure how long she had been lying on the floor when she realized her sister pulling on the shoulder of her shirt trying to free her.
Her legs and head hurt and her thumb had swollen to the point she couldn’t move it.
It seemed to be keeping time with her heart.
Sitting up she stared down at the beast and started to cry again, this time not out of fear but sorrow.
The dead thing that still pinned her to the floor was once their father.
“It’s not him, not anymore” the younger girl said knowing what she was thinking.
Pulling her self-free and rubbing her legs she got to her feet and looked down at her sister.
“We need to go.”
“Go where”
“To town we need to get help.”
“But mom is… the other one is still out there we just need to hide better this time.”
“No, we need to find someone, anyone who can help us.” her voice cracking besides we tried that and he still found us. It’s like they can smell us or something.”
She grabbed her little sister’s hand. ”We need to go ok…. OK?”
“Ok.” she finally responded and squeezed her sister's hand a bit tighter.
With one hand in the other’s they left through the shattered door into the night.
Out on the porch the wind seemed cry softly through the broken doorway.
They walked slowly, warily until they reached the corner of the house and then ran still hand in hand across the yard around the barn and through the small forest that separated the, from the edge of town.

It had all started about three weeks ago when the carnival came had come to town, the girls had been exited.
The younger girl dragging her sister from ride to ride and the older hanging back a bit reluctantly, because she didn’t want anyone to think she wasn’t cool.
Truth be known it was a little bit that and a little because some of the rides were a little scary.
As the day’s passed into weeks the carnival didn’t leave and then people started to go missing. The town started to change, the people changed.
Something about the carnival didn’t feel right. The barkers at all the rides smiled as they tried to entice the passersby to go on the rides or play the games but there eyes seemed dark and cold.
The carnival seemed to...

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