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A Beat To Freedom Essay

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“All of the arts – poetry, music, ritual, the visual arts, the theatre must singly and together create the most comprehensive art of all, a humanized society, and its masterpiece, freeman.” – Bernard Berenson
In the beginning when man developed the power of reasoning and understanding, the early man realized that he found a certain sense of gratification in the things he saw, heard or did. At first, he was not certain why this was happening or what caused it but he realized it was an important factor in his life. Out of his inquisitiveness, he began to channel his certain beliefs to worshipping deities to ensure a happy life. The early man began to burn, carve, build, dance and chant to honor the supreme beings he worshipped. Out of this combination of activities which the early man believed was necessary for survival, art was born (Sacher & Eversole, 1971).
One of the widely recognized forms of art today is Music. Compared to other art forms, Music does not necessarily need certain objects/tools for it to be created. Unlike painting, which uses a canvass, oil paint, brushes and a satchel or the Sculpture, which uses marble, wood, bronze, chisel and cloth to be done, what a Song needs to be created and labeled art is a composer, a lyric and a tune (Researcher’s own).
This paper aims to explain, analyze and inform the readers the important role played by music not only in informing the people about issues faced by the country in the hands of our leaders but also in shaping the political ideologies of the People from the Spanish era, to the Marcos era, and up until the present times. The first part contains the worldwide definition and implication of the music and the arts. The second part talks about the application of music in the Philippine context. The second part is divided into two sub categories. The first subcategory talks about Music in the early times (Spanish era) while the second subcategory talks about various political songs that were used to educate the people during the Marcos era about what was happening in the government. The third part discusses about the role of alternative, indie and rock bands such as Bamboo and Yano in the political sphere. Like the third part the fourth part also focuses on a certain genre of music namely the rap industry in the political sphere. The fourth part contains the conclusion.

I. What is Music?
“This is where our education in music and the arts must be both a joy and a self-realization. True. It is only the arts that can save modern man from destructive mechanization and computer system. It is only the arts that can refine and make sensitive the hardened hearts of mankind. And it is in music, the most spiritual of all the arts, that man takes refuge for emotional and spiritual revitalization” – Evelyn Belgica – Ribaya (Music Critic and Columnist. Manila Bulletin)
Have you ever found yourself suddenly jumping to the beat of Shalala by Vengaboys? How about emotionally sorry...

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