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A Bed Of Red Flowers: In Search Of My Afghanistan By Nelofer Pasira

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According to Taylor culture is defined as a complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs ,arts ,morals ,laws and customs and any other capabilities acquired by man as members of the society. Anthropologists like Hertzkorits define it as a man-made part of the environment. Kluckhon and Kelly define culture as all that is historically created design for living explicitly and implicitly, rational and irrational which exists at any given time as potential behavior of man. The first meaning presents culture as an idea and a realm of observable phenomena of things and events out there in the world. The second meaning on the other hand sees culture as an organized system of knowledge and beliefs whereby people’s structure their experiences and formulate facts and choose the alternative.
Several print sources and non print sources have been used to promote the concept of culture relativism and ethnocentrism. This paper therefore explores specific books and videos and how these sources of information have been used to promote these concepts of culture. It outlines specific quotations and uses the art of paraphrasing to outline how this has been advanced.
Firstly, ethnocentrism is derived from the word ethnic. Therefore ethnocentrism is the tendency to view one’s own culture as being superior and to apply your one’s own cultural values in judging the behavior and beliefs of people who have grown up in other cultures. Ethnocentrism is usually regarded as being universal. This is because it tends to reinforce social solidarity, sense of value and community among people who share common culture. People everywhere that there are familiar explanations, opinions and customs are true right, proper and moral. In this regard people regard different behavior as strange in moral or savage. This is depicted in the videos and books in this essay.
"A Bed of Red Flowers: In Search of my Afghanistan" is a book written with intelligence, insight and passion. It is a moving portrait of life but demonstrates some actual sense of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. The book depicts the struggle of two superpowers. The struggle is political but has underlying socio-cultural issues it. Among this is the culture discrimination experienced by citizens of Afghanistan. In the year, the soviets invade Afghanistan beginning a ten-year occupation in their country. They try to impose military rule in the country without consideration of what the locals or inhabitants of the country feel. Later the country is turned into a military camp.
To one Nelofer, the daily routine includes the endless succession of tanks and rockets. There seem not to be any end to this. According to them this is not the ordinary way of doing things. This is not their culture but the United States and Soviet strongly believe according to their beliefs and values that what they are doing is right and acceptable. Do they consider the innocent people living among them? According to their values this is...

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