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A Benefiting Future Essay

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A benefiting future is what all High-School students should be thinking about. What interests a young teen is what the young teen will be asking himself or herself throughout their entire life as a High-School student. Once he or she has found out what interests them in life future or job wise the young students should do everything in their power to achieve that goal. They will have the decision of going to college or going out into the work force that will be up for them to decide on what they want to do in the future. There are many ups and downs that a young student will have to think about in this stage of life.
College room mates can be very bad.(CB staff) A young student could be dealing with

multiple room mates that will make him or her very upset. Such as the goody goody which will

limit the young students TV. time and his or her personal relation time between tests and finals

with doing homework. It is in my opinion agreeable that a goody goody could be a very bad

room mate because if he or she just got done taking a final and wanted to take a nice break by

watching TV. and his or her room mate just said "ha-ha yeah no" and set a timer for the TV. to

turn off so the goody goody could study with 0% sound. The party animal in college is very bad

to deal with. It is in my opinion not agreeable that a party animal is that bad to deal with yes he

or she probably will not be able to get much work done but him or her will need to socialize and

actually do something with his or her life and not just be forever alone. Getting a thief as a room

mate is very horrid. I agree with the statement if I had a room mate that stole food from me

when I was hungry it would just be a war between the me and him.

Why some students do not go to college. It is said that young students do not go to

college just because of not being able to afford going to college.( But the student

alone should be able to afford the college tuition on his or her self just using the combination of

scholarship opportunities and federal aid. It is in my opinion I believe that the student should be

able to afford college but that student would be in major debt that would eventually end that

student.Some students earn a decent amount of money to maintain a living and just do not go

onward to college. Earning a decent amount of cash just to maintain a living is a okay thing but if

the young adult went to college then he or she would be able to make more than just an okay

living.A lot of students believe that when they went to high school they did not make

great grades so that student automatically thinks that he or she...

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