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A Closer Look: New York Department Of Corrections

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Texas Department of Corrections and Norwegian Correctional Services
After examining the websites for the New York State Department of Corrections (NYSDOC), the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), and Kriminalomsorgen (Norwegian Correctional Services), we are given a comprehensive overview of the many similarities that each organization shares. For instance, despite the “tough on crime” approach, rehabilitation remains an integral component for all three organizations. It is important to note that although Norway places a greater emphasis on rehabilitation, each department shares similar visions, goals, and values. However, each organization also possesses a variety of opposing punishment guidelines and security procedures. An example of one of these well-known differences in sentencing is the fact that Texas still imposes capital punishment. Of course, New York does not support the death penalty, and Norway’s maximum sentence is far more merciful than either Texas or New York. As we continue, we will further examine the mutual aspects that each department has in common, the aspects which makes them each unique, as well as what each agency offers in terms of rehabilitative programming and services.
The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision is responsible for the confinement of approximately 54,700 individuals under custody held at 58 state facilities and 36,500 parolees supervised throughout seven regional offices. The statistical data for Texas reveals that the Texas Department of Criminal justice manages more than 152,303 offenders in over 100 facilities, including state prisons, state jails, substance abuse felony punishment facilities and private correctional facilities that contract with TDCJ. While the TDCJ is also responsible for the oversight of community supervision, this data does not reflect the number of men and women released from prison on parole or mandatory supervision. Unlike New York and Texas, Norway houses a substantially less amount of prisoners. During a four-month period in 2013, Norwegian prisons were responsible for approximately 3,661 prisoners throughout their 43...

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