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A Better South Africa For The New South Africa

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A better South Africa for the new South Africa
The Apartheid struggle is not an anecdote about a few black people that lived under a suppressive government; it is a story about millions of black people who suffered tremendously under the oppressive classification system of the National Party. It is a story about bloodshed, suffering and tears. It is a story that serves as a painful reminder of the extent that a group of people would go to ensure that the purity of their race was conserved. The Apartheid struggle is a story defined by race.
Growing up in Soweto was not easy. My earliest childhood memory of white people was witnessing how they shot at black people with rubber bullets; I ...view middle of the document...

I respect the fact that people will never forget the scars inflicted by the oppressive past, but I believe firmly that we can take our painful past, forgive those who have wronged us and learn from it. Too much of our energy has been spent on the past; we need to understand that nothing we do today can change what happened. We need to work together to find new ways to ensure that the dreams and hopes that Nelson Mandela set out for South Africa in 1994, does not stay nothing but hopeless dreams.
In his famous inauguration speech, Nelson Mandela stated that the “time for healing the wounds have come”. Twenty years ago, the world watched as South Africa had its first Democratic Elections and ever since then, South Africa has never been the same. South Africa is in a better place than it was twenty years ago. But is this really the South Africa that Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and all the other unsung heroes fought for? It is time to heal the wounds of the past and I feel that the only way possible to do so is if we work on ways to ensure that South Africa would never backslide back to Apartheid again. Our politics do not have to be politics...

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